Dead Clade Walking

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Murder and Paleontology
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Holmes has an old-timey medical textbook and a drill. A text from Randy momentarily interrupts his foolishness, but he prepares to drill a hole in a mounted skull anyway. I will be honest with you: I would be happy with an entire episode where Holmes learns all about trepanation. But he's interrupted again by a text that says "Feel like I might get high".

Holmes goes into the living room to tell Watson where he's going, and he's surprised to see a woman he doesn't know. She introduces herself as Gay, and then clarifies that she is, in fact, gay. Wordplay! Holmes manages to tell Watson about Randy, and she's working on one of his cold cases. She's looking into the murder of Doug Newberg. The police never found a match for the DNA that was found at the scene, and Holmes thought it might have been a cuckolded husband. Watson is digging through Holmes's pictures of the scene, using black coffee to remove the black marker that he covered them with in a drugged-up haze. Gay is a geology professor who says that one rock has striations that suggest that it's interesting, so they're going to go check it out. Holmes wants to join them, but Watson reminds him about Randy. When you're a mentor, you have to interrupt your plans sometimes.

Holmes meets Randy in a diner. They have twenty minutes before the meeting, and Randy would like to talk to Holmes about his situation and state of mind. Holmes talks himself into listening. Randy's problem is his ex-girlfriend Eve, who wants him to help her get clean. She wants to live with him again, but she was around the last two times he got high. Holmes clarifies that Randy wants his advice and admits that he's familiar with "the allure of a dangerous woman." He recommends cutting her out of his life and turning his back on her entirely. Randy astutely asks if that's what Sherlock did when he was in a similar situation. Well, Sherlock's situation is a lot more complicated.

Gay is uncomfortable with prowling around in someone's backyard, but Watson says the homeowners aren't home. The rock is still in the backyard where it was sitting in the picture. Gay says the white lines mean it's very old marine limestone, probably from the cretaceous era. Watson takes a picture with her phone and Gay says the rock was probably cut out of the ground as an archaeological specimen. Holmes, via text, recommends stealing it.

Holmes meets Watson at the morgue. Gay decided not to get involved in stealing the rock, so she's not there. Randy is still sober. They're at the morgue because they have a CT scanner that they'll apparently run on demand. And the results are in! Looking at the computer screen, Holmes admits, "The dinosaur in Doug Newberg's backyard did indeed escape my notice." There's a little skeleton inside the rock!

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