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Holmes learns the conclusion while watching his iPad: three homeless men were being held chained in the basement. I have to say, if you're going to kidnap people and keep them chained up in the basement, it's awfully considerate of you to buy them their favorite cigarettes. I'm also not sure about the timeline here, because someone saw Zeke arguing with Rachel outside her home two weeks ago, and then he was dragged into a van sometime later. Watson comes in and says Zeke's doing okay, all things considered. But he's staying on the streets and rejecting treatment for his issues. Watson accepts that, saying, "It has to be up to him." Holmes says she should be proud of herself. Sure; she finished her case already. Meanwhile, Holmes still doesn't know where Iris is. And her lawyer has lots of knowledge of the case that he can use to get her off. Holmes thinks he's holding something back that will free Iris. Maybe he took a picture of himself! Then he stops and says, "There were pictures taken of him that night. And I think he's going to use them to exonerate Iris."

Holmes walks into a bathroom where Nolan is practicing his upcoming speech to the media. Gregson and Bell follow. Holmes says that Nolan undercharges Nell, so perhaps he's overcharging someone else. That was a sufficient reason to get a search warrant, and they found the security hard drive in his safe. Remember the hard drive they mentioned early in the episode? It has all the security footage on it! It seems strange that the staff for a lawyer wouldn't call him immediately when the police roared in there with a search warrant. Holmes says that Nolan saved the footage because it shows "some guy in a mask." That would exonerate Iris but not necessarily incriminate him. Iris is free and Nolan's under arrest. Holmes assures him he looks great for the cameras.

Brownstone. Watson is watching Iris on the television saying that Nell Solange was very special to her and that she'll miss her very much. Holmes comes down with extra blankets that he would like to take to the park, saying, "I understand it's going to be quite cold tonight." Watson goes to get her coat. Holmes smiles. The mysteries tonight were very silly, but I like any time Holmes advances slightly closer to normality.

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