Corpse de Ballet

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Click, Whoosh

St. Ignatius Shelter. Morris apologizes for all the yelling from before. Now that he's more coherent, he can explain that he saw Zeke getting forced into a van. But he's not very good at describing the people who did it. The best he can do is "White. I think." He's having trouble holding onto Zeke's stuff. He allows Watson to check out the bag, and there's a pack of Double-T cigarettes. It's all Zeke would smoke, so I think we know where this is going. And there's a notebook with family pictures. The lady that's his sister is not who Watson talked to!

Nolan is annoyed to see Holmes in his chair. At least Holmes was facing the door instead of that trick where you sit facing the wall until someone comes in so you can spin around dramatically. Holmes says he learned that the voicemail was recorded in this room, because he heard the [click, whooshing] of the door. That's actually how the subtitles describe the sound of the remote-controlled door. Iris consulted Nolan in case something went bad with her affair with Nell, and Nolan recorded the meeting and thus the voicemail. With proof of Nell and Iris's affair, he knew he could make it a media sensation. So he stole Iris's box cutter and snuck into the theater to commit the murder. Then he leaked the voice mail to reveal the motive. Nolan thinks the sound of the door closer doesn't identify it all that specifically, so he's not worried. Iris now has a new phone and Nolan won't tell anyone where she is. And by the time she has to be in court, Nolan will have convinced her that Holmes has turned against them. The idea is that Nolan killed Iris so he could frame Nell so he could make it a media sensation and become a big, famous lawyer by defending her. That seems a little crazy to me, but I guess that's why I'll never be a famous lawyer. Holmes calls him a "mediocre barrister at best," since he doesn't think Nolan's good enough to win the case. Nolan promises that Iris Lanzer isn't going to jail. We get one more [click, whoosh] as Nolan opens the door and shoos Holmes out of his office.

Watson has brought two policemen to Rachel's house. She denies that Zeke is there, even though the whole place smells of Double-T's and Watson saw her throw a package of Double-T's away. Her husband Cliff claims the cigarettes are his. But Watson has a search warrant and the police are coming in on the suspicion that Rachel and Cliff have been cashing Zeke's checks. There's a padlock on the door to the basement, which is odd.

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