Corpse de Ballet

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A reporter at the New York Ledger got an anonymous thumb drive containing a voicemail from Iris for Nell. In it, Iris tells Nell not to walk away from her. They were together for sexytimes!

Holmes and Watson have returned to Nolan's office, where Iris admits that she had an affair with Nell, who broke up with Nicholas to be with Iris. She was smitten. Iris seduced her and got her to step aside in the big dance. But then Nell ran into someone else Iris had done that to. And by then, Iris had started to care for Nell. Enough that she could see why someone might step aside from a major role. But Iris says they patched things up the next day and Nell deleted the message in front of her. Holmes says her phone was quite hot when he took "some commemorative pictures," which is a bad idea for a famous person to do. She hands her phone over and admits the battery drains quickly. Holmes thinks it's been cloned, and he has a whole theory.

At the police station, Bell confirms that there was Spyware on Iris's phone, put there by Jake Picardo. Picardo denied it, but the signals went to his IP address. He lawyered up, of course, but now it's time for Bell, Holmes, and Watson to talk to him. He admits having cloned the phone, but he denies leaking the voicemail or killing Nell. He offers that he could make a statement about where he was, but he needs immunity first. Then he just goes ahead: "I was going to shoot a porno in Nell Solange's apartment with a bunch of hidden video cameras." Ew. He set up three cameras in her bedroom and one in the shower. He tells them to check those cameras, which will show him there at the time that Nell was being murdered.

Brownstone. Holmes says the cameras confirmed Jake's alibi, so he didn't kill Nell. He thinks the killer is probably the leaker of the voicemail. And he's decided that this is a recording of a recording, so he's running some audio scrubbing software on it to find out where the second generation was recorded. Watson says Morris is on his meds now, and she's going to ask about Frebeaux while he's more coherent. And she'll be donating clothes while she's there. Holmes asks why she's helping "this man," and Watson doesn't answer right away. Then she launches into some backstory: "My father is, uh...he's schizophrenic. And homeless." I thought we'd met her father already, and Holmes thought so too. But that guy, the author in Scarsdale, is her stepfather. Her birth father is on the streets. Her mother was pregnant when he got sick. And he's been in institutions, but mostly on the streets for 15 years. She volunteers a lot in hopes of seeing him. And let's face it, "Sometimes he recognizes me" is a sad sentence. He won't go into treatment. It's been almost two years since she saw him. Holmes just says, "Hm." And now his audio scrubbing is done. Watson leaves and he listens.

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