Corpse de Ballet

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Nolan is shouting denials into a phone as Holmes enters his office. He employs a remote control door-closer, which Holmes identifies as Exeter's "Commodore" model. It's less impressive when your mark knows everything about remote-control door-closers. He looks at the boxes of documents as Nolan says how much he admires Iris's single-mindedness. Nolan would rather the files not leave the firm, so he's going to leave Holmes alone with them. He thanks Holmes, who looks unsettled for some reason.

Watson stops a woman named Rachel Brown and asks if she was arguing with Zeke Frebeaux a few weeks ago. She was, and she says Zeke is her brother. He's been on the streets on and off for about three years, with severe PTSD and some drug problems. Rachel tries to look him up once a month and she got him to come back to her home for clothes and a meal, but he wouldn't stay. They had a fight outside, which is probably what get reported. He said something about the shelter at St. Ignatius, but Watson has already checked there. Rachel frets about how cold it is, and Watson says it's not Rachel's fault. Her phone bings, and it's a text from Holmes: "If free, meet me @ 2412 Pomeroy." The "If free" is very considerate for Sherlock! Rachel is surprised that Watson's still going to look for Zeke. It means a lot to her.

At 2412 Pomeroy, Holmes tells Watson that none of the fans with restraining orders are decent candidates. But there's a sleazy photographer named Jake Picardo who sued Iris and seems like a possibility. Holmes complains that Watson smells like a chimney, and goes on to comment that someone who was near her smokes "Double-T's," a particularly cheap and nasty cigarette. When she doesn't respond, he comment, "Still haven't read my monographs on tobacco, I see." I love that, because Holmes's monographs on tobacco ash are my favorite ridiculous detail from the Arthur Conan Doyle stories. Anyway, Iris recently renewed the restraining order on Jake Picardo, so they're going to talk to him.

Jake is mad that Iris won't pay for the camera she broke. And the court learned about his coke problem and he got fired. And now he's freelance, which is more expansive. He points out his spy camera, which took a picture of Watson's butt. She offers to smash his camera for him. Holmes asks for an alibi, and Jake says he was holed up in his van watching for a kid from a vampire movie. That could be almost anybody. He claims that Iris is into all sorts of "manipulative crap," but when Watson asks for examples, he tells them to leave. And Holmes is being called back to the precinct by Bell.

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