Corpse de Ballet

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The police interview Lanzer with her lawyer, who insists it was an honest mistake. Iris says she went straight to bed because it was the night before a dress rehearsal, and she just assumed her housekeeper was there. Holmes asks if she knows Nell's latest boyfriend. She doesn't think Nell was seeing anyone. She wants to end the interview so she can get a flight to Montreal for a master class she's teaching. Gregson isn't ready to clear her, so he'd prefer that she stick around. She gets snitty and announces, "If you need me, I'll be in Montreal." They arrest her. The lawyer promises to get her out in a few hours. Holmes has his doubts about her guilt, but Gregson feels he didn't have much choice. I guess you really don't want your primary witness to leave the country in the middle of the investigation.

Watson comes into the NYPD. Bell says the tabloids are interested in this case, because ballet dancers are more famous in the world of this show than they are in real life. Iris is back home already. Watson gets the subject back to her case, because she wants help finding Army Sergeant Zeke Frebeaux ("Frebeaux" is like "Freebo," see?). She has a picture she'd like to have distributed, and Bell is happy to help.

Back home, Watson gets coffee and fills a to-go cup. The woman that comes out on Holmes's bedroom is, of course, Iris Lanzer. She was hoping for cappuccino. Watson is shocked at Holmes's unprofessional behavior. Shocked! Holmes claims it's perfectly fine, but Watson judges him good and hard. He says that Iris found him and initiated things, but that doesn't really explain why it's okay for him to sleep with a suspect. He noticed in her interview that she had a stiff right shoulder, possibly a tear in her right rotator cuff, which would make it impossible to operate the pulley that prepared the dramatic appearance of Nell's bisected body. And she'd probably lie about having an injury, because aging dancers have to present an image of perfection or everyone assumes they're breaking down. So last night, he studied her movements and convinced himself that she does indeed have a rotator cuff tear. Watson is still skeptical, so he tells her, "Sleep with her yourself if you don't believe me." Iris comes in and says Nolan (her attorney) will give Holmes full access to her legal files on the theory that maybe someone she has a restraining order on is taking revenge. But Watson has to go to Queens to follow up on a Frebeaux sighting. Holmes thinks this might be a waste of time, and she just says, "His friend asked me to help."

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