Corpse de Ballet

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They're interviewing the dancer we saw earlier in the show. She says she was looking for her knife earlier, but corps dancers apparently take her things as souvenirs. Holmes explains that Iris Lanzer is a master, and he claims to have seen her in London. Bell asks why she has a personalized box cutter, and Holmes explains that it's for customizing her shoes. You have to do all sorts of ridiculous things to ballet shoes to get them in shape for dancing. You kind of have to do the same thing to humans, but I digress. Even though Iris took Nell's spot in the dance, she feels that Nell was not in competition with her. She was "unformed." Holmes would like to know her movements (in the sense of "where were you during the murder," not "dance movements"), and she seems amused at the idea of being a suspect. She went home last night and was seen by her live-in housekeeper. She suggests checking with Nell's ex-boyfriend Nicholas Orman. According to Iris, he used to be with the dance company and he had a temper.

Bell is assigned to go with someone named McAndrews to talk to the ex-boyfriend, and he's happy to have Holmes and Watson with him. Watson accuses Holmes of being a dance fanboy because he doesn't think Iris did it, but he feels Ms. Lanzer is too good to consider Nell a threat: "It would be like me wanting to kill the world's second-greatest detective." And anyway, she has an alibi. Watson looked Iris up online, and she's beat up at least one photographer. Holmes admits she's a diva, but is fairly certain she's not a murderer. Watson gets a call. Someone from Haven for the Homeless got in a fight with a cop and is in the hospital, so Watson goes off to pursue her own plot.

At the hospital, two police officers explain to Watson that Morris Gilroy was shouting about "Freebo," who they take to be his imaginary friend. The cops seem a little unhappy about having had to wrestle him down. Although he swung first, and they call him "a nutbar" so they're not entirely sympathetic. They're not arresting him, but they're not all that interested in finding out what he's talking about. He's strapped to his bed and is shouting that "they took Freebo." Watson calms him down by promising to do her best to find Freebo.

Nicholas Orman says he's a dancer at "Jerzey Boyz," a club in Newark. Nell dumped him, but he thinks she was seeing another guy because she was so preoccupied all the time. She threatened him with a restraining order. Oh, and he worked last night, as you can see from this pith helmet full of bills. So his alibi is pretty solid. But Gregson calls to say that Iris Lanzer's housekeeper was off last night, so her alibi has vanished.

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