Corpse de Ballet

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There is coffee brewing at the Brownstone. A Post-In note on Holmes's bedroom door says, "Coitus in progress or recently concluded." Watson is getting used to Holmes's directness at this point, so she shrugs and walks to the coffee machine. A woman walks out of Holmes's room and Watson gives her some coffee in a to-go cup. Her name is Tatiana she has to leave and deliver a sermon. "She's a pastor of some sort," shrugs Holmes. That's twice in one paragraph that people have shrugged! Watson runs down some of Holmes's recent erotic escapades, which have involved both a mortician and a magician. She claims there was no judgment in her voice, but I think there was at least a little.

A ballerina gets ready. According to the officious (but deferential) woman with the clipboard, she's "Miss Lanzer," and she needs to be told that Vincent is ready for the rehearsal. And the rehearsal begins! It's ballet. There are toes and arms and legs and all that sort of thing. Two burly dudes pull on ropes backstage so things can descend from the ceiling. And there's a loud thump, which disturbs everyone. They're even more disturbed when they see that there's a dancer that's been cut in half, right through her waist.

The police swarm is in full effect. Holmes and Watson come to the stage. The press already knows about the situation thanks to Twitter. Gregson says the dead dancer's name was Nell Solange. There are security cameras everywhere, but they all fed into a single hard drive, which has been stolen. Vincent Renato (the director, I think) is called over, and he says he choreographed this dance with Nell in mind, although she had to be swapped out when she proved to not be up to the lead role. Holmes and Watson examine the body. There's not as much blood on the floor as you'd expect, because her throat was cut before she was cut in half. A wire was put around her waist so she'd be cut in half when the scenery came down. Watson thinks the blade was small based on the shallow wound, and Gregson suggests a box cutter. They're led backstage, where Bell has some discoveries to show them. Hi, Bell! He still can't carry a gun or work a case solo, but he's at least in the field. He shows them a spot where there were some blood drops in this spot, which led them to test the whole area with Luminol. Sure enough, it was covered in blood. Nell's body was hidden in a trash can, and Bell found a box cutter in the same can. They think it was wiped clean of fingerprints. Holmes notes an Iris etched into the side of the box cutter.

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