An Unnatural Arrangement

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The Hound and the Basken Files
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We open on a holding cell, which Holmes describes to Watson as "the human condition in all its sordid glory." Watson thinks this is a dumb way to spend a Friday night. Holmes disagrees, because Friday night means a full cell, and that means lots of opportunity to look at people and deduce how they got there. Watson does some deducing, but she gets stuck on a guy with a lot of tattoos. Holmes gives her a hint involving Yorkshire terriers, which annoys her. She goes off to get a coffee, and a man who looks like Eddie Pepitone asks to do him next.

At the coffee machine, Watson is interrupted by Craig Basken of the night shift. He wants help with a string of falafel cart robberies that have left him stumped. She takes the case and Craig stammers that Holmes once called him a bell-end. He wants just Watson on the case and she takes the files.

A woman gets home while talking to her child on the phone. The child hasn't called her back from college, so she's leaving a message. Before we can get farther into the situation and start having opinions on whether she needs to let her kids have some space, a man in a ski mask asks where her husband is. He's got a gun and was waiting in the dark. She says she doesn't know where her husband is. Then she hits the car alarm remote control in her hand, which sets off red lights and honking. Nice! While the intruder is distracted, she runs upstairs, slams the bedroom door behind her and gets a gun. She shoots through the bedroom door, then calls the police to tell them that she shot at an intruder and there's blood. She thinks he's gone now, but she wants them to check on her husband. He's with the 11th precinct: "He's the captain there. His name's Tommy Gregson." Why, that's Captain Gregson!

When Gregson gets to his home, police are already there so he's immediately told that his wife is in the kitchen. Bell is on the lawn, interviewing a neighbor who was working in his garage when the gun went off. Holmes gets there and Bell makes him wait a few minutes, because the Gregsons need some time alone before being interrogated. Bell has to repeat himself, but Holmes does, in fact, stay outside the house for the moment. Luckily, he has this neighbor to talk to. The neighbor's name is James Monroe and he's heard it all before: "Yes. Like the fifth president." By the time he got outside, the intruder was running down the street. But he'd taken his mask off, so he knows he had dark hair. Holmes says there's blood on the car over here. Watson speculates that he couldn't have lost much blood if he was running down the street.

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