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You know...if you happened to watch NBC at all during the last week, you will have discovered that America LOVES Ed, because it was announced during every single commercial break that the network aired. That's right...we as a nation just cannot get enough of the madcap adventures of America's #1 mischievous imp. We want to just grab Ed in our collective arms, draw him to our collective bosom, and just French kiss the shit outta the adorable lunkhead.

As NBC has been so quick to remind us ad nauseum...over twenty-two million people watched Ed last week. To put that in perspective...if you lined up every person that Madonna has ever had sexual affairs with...you'd probably have a little more than twenty-two million. So...you know...that's a lot of Ed lovers, right?

In a nutshell...we get it, NBC. We love Ed. We can't get enough Ed. We want to wear Ed t-shirts, play with Ed dolls, and drink Ed Cola. Now give it a rest and let's see how much we love Ed when The Simpsons returns.

Alright now...this week's thrilling recap of Ed...in 3D for those of you lucky enough to have written in to Mighty Big TV and request your 3D glasses.

The show starts off with a quick recap of Ed's life and how he arrived at this episode for those stupid, idiotic morons who didn't fall in love with Ed last week. It's basically the same recap as last week, except it added a few moments from last week's show. It still made me dizzy to watch, and I had to put an ice pack on my forehead for the first several minutes of the show.

The actual show begins. I pluck an errant nostril hair and drop it on the floor next to my recliner and make a mental note to not step on the hair when I get up for my 8:55 PM bowel movement.

Ed and his buddy Mike are in bed. Somewhere, Ellen DeGeneres is fuming over being five years ahead of her time. Alas...they are not in the throes of passion. Neigh, they are discussing Ed's infatuation with Carol, which, by the look on Mike's face, is getting very tired very quick. Ed wonders aloud if he had actually gone into Carol's house at the end of the last episode, would the two of them have engaged in sexual intercourse. Mike seems nonplussed. He's studying for some sort of exam that he has to take in the morning.

A side note: Mike studies way too much in bed. He's done it twice in two episodes. Give it a rest, Dr. Dumbass.

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