Power Of The Person

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Power Of The Person

Isaac is preaching at the pulpit and talking about everyone wanting a better house and a better job. Warren has brought Diane to hear Isaac preach. Diane's confused because she's Jewish, so her knowledge of traditional negro spirituals is nil. Warren tells her to shut up and listen. Isaac is telling the congregation that they choose what they want. He's not talking about the power of the Lord by Himself; he's talking about the Lord and the church bringing the power to you. He starts yelling about the Power of the Person as the choir starts singing "Let Your Light Shine" louder and louder. The sermon is reaching a fever pitch as Isaac points at Warren and loudly preaches at him to "let his light shine, let his light shine." Warren is moved by the Lord, leans over, and plants a big one on Diane. He then stands up and starts clapping, dancing, and singing with the congregation. Diane stands up, and she's got a huge smile on her face at the fact that Warren finally figured out what has been her scam all along: to score the hookup with the Cheskat. I've gotta admit, a tear of joy rolled down my fat, pock-marked cheek at this moment. Maybe it's because I've waited all season to see these two kiss. But ultimately, it's because I was out of beer and had soiled my shorts fifteen minutes earlier.

All in all, a great episode. Jackass was at his jackassiest, Phil played the smarmy schemer and dreamer to the hilt, and Warren and Diane kissed. I loved the last scene; that church scene was extremely powerful. Truth be told, I love gospel music and the fever with which this scene was played was intense. Two more episodes left in the season -- and just in time for the season to get interesting.

Now, if you'll excuse me, I've got some laundry to do.

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