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Lan and Derek are at a computer, and Lan asks what they're looking for, exactly. Derek isn't sure, and Lan rolls her eyes at him, and asks how Chloe is. Lan, it must be said, it moving her mouse in circles, as if that would be effective. Can't they find actors who have actually used a computer before? Lan says it must be strange to see Chloe, since she almost married Adam. Derek doesn't take the bait, and tells Lan to zoom in closer on one spot. Lan says, "She's pretty." Are we supposed to understand that Lan is jealous of Chloe? Because she likes Derek? I don't get it. Anyway, Derek sees something on the wall behind the tub, and Lan takes a closer look. It looks like the wallpaper is peeling away to reveal something awfully similar to the glyphs from Adam's notebook (and Elsing's tattoo, and on the Croatoan tree). Lan is amazed, and turns to talk to Derek, but he's gone. Now, they were sitting side by side. How could he have run out without her noticing?

Derek and Chloe are back at Adam's house, and they head upstairs to the bathroom. Derek walks over to the spot revealed in the video, and starts tearing the wallpaper off. The walls are covered with those glyphs. Chloe asks what it is, and Derek says it's a "message from Adam."

Montage shots of Derek and Chloe ripping up wallpaper. Chloe says, "Oh, my God!" as the camera pans out to reveal all of the walls and floors and ceilings covered in these glyphs, and one wall says, "Croatoan." Derek films it while he says that "every opening to the outside world is covered with these things" and it's like Adam was trying to protect something. Suddenly, there is a bang, and Chloe screams, but it was just the wind from an open window knocking something over. Yeah, you heard me. An open window. I'm sure Derek and Chloe wouldn't have noticed that when they were in the house yesterday, filming the whole thing. And that if the window has been open for the past three years, that there wouldn't be water damage or worse in that room. Chloe closes the window, and then says that there is "someone down in the yard." Derek looks, and it's little Ginny Dare, green face and all. She starts walking towards the house, and changes into Adam. Chloe gasps. With the slicked-back hair and black leather jacket, Adam looks kind of like Dieter from Sprockets. Derek says they should get out of there, but Braids Woman suddenly appears (except now she is in black leather). She tosses Chloe out of the way, and then tosses Derek across the room. Derek yells, "I know who you really are!" and she drags him by the hair back to the center of the room, and then makes Derek punch through the wood floor. Just as Derek breaks through, Elsing comes from out of nowhere and pulls Braids Woman off Derek. How did he get out of the pysch ward? Derek grabs a box that was beneath the floorboards. Elsing continues to get the crap kicked out of him, but yells, "It's inside!" to Derek, who opens the box and pulls out the necklace we saw previously when John White pulled it out of a tree, with the circle charm on it. Elsing tells Braids Woman that she's lost and "the power belongs to him now." Derek holds the charm up to Braids Woman and says, "Go to hell, Virginia." Oh, for crying out loud. That was the best they could do? It's no "hasta la vista, baby." Suddenly the window smashes outwards. Derek comforts Chloe.

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