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Derek and Chloe exit the hospital, and Derek tells her what Elsing said, and about his tattoos. Chloe says it "gets even crazier" because she "checked the date on Elsing's admittance" and it was "the same night that Adam died." I guess the "even crazier" part is that hospital staff would give out that information. Derek spots Braids Woman walking nearby. In case you didn't get it, they show a clip of the QuickTime video. Derek knocks Chloe aside and follows Braids Lady into a building. Chloe follows and Derek stops inside the doors and tells her that it was "the woman from the ATM footage." Chloe wonders where she went, and Derek doesn't know. The camera pans out from the two of them standing there, and reveals that there are like eight sets of doors the woman could have gone through. Wouldn't that have been more effective if it had been a long hallway with no doors? Yes, it would have.

Uh-oh, montage alert. Flashback to Adam's death. Braids Woman. Virginia Dare. Younger Adam and Derek. The necklace that John White found in the tree. Derek reaching down into the tub to grab Adam's dead body, but this time Adam pops up like Glenn Close at the end of Fatal Attraction. Derek wakes up from a nightmare and hears what the captioning calls, "floorboards creak." Derek grabs a baseball bat from beside his bed and starts wandering around his apartment (which is also the Freakylinks offices), but he keeps hearing creaking coming from different places. As Derek walks by the glass door (with his back to it), we see Virginia Dare hovering in the air outside. Okay, that was creepy. Derek turns around and goes out the door, and I'm all, "No! Don't go outside!" As Derek walks down the steps, a shadowy figure passes in front of the camera. Derek walks across the lawn, where there are some sails flapping in the breeze. I guess they are attached to surfboards or something. Through the sails, he can see Virginia Dare. Well, we know it's Virginia Dare, but he probably doesn't. Derek (baseball bat in hand) starts to make his way over there, but suddenly Virginia Dare has changed into Adam. Derek's all, "Adam?" and we hear the same snarling and growling from previous scenes, as Adam/Virginia rushes towards Derek. Suddenly, Lan is there, saying that she has "insomnia" and "thought [she]'d get some work done on the Osceola screen grabs." Derek looks back at the now empty spot where he last saw Adam and says that he has a better idea. Then they stand around and breathe heavily for like ten minutes. Cut the scene already! Also, that was the one scary scene of the entire show.

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