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As Derek closes the medicine cabinet and sees himself in the mirror, he has a vision of Adam (slicked-back hair, remember?) looking at himself in the same mirror. Adam drops his cell phone on the floor and looks sad. We get quick flashes of Adam and Derek as kids, and then the Braids Lady that Adam was following in the QuickTime video. Adam picks up a razor blade and fingers it. Outside the house, something is growling. Adam sinks into the bloody water as the something outside rushes in the door, and up the stairs -- and Derek breaks out of his vision and stares into the cracked mirror. The camera moves to look at Chloe, outside in the yard. She looks up at the window and sees a really creepy shot of Adam, watching her. Derek exits the house and Chloe says she saw his face in the window. Derek says he wasn't at that window. They both look up, and Derek says it was a mistake to bring her there, and tries to rush her away from the house. Chloe protests, and then finally says that Derek was not the only one Adam called the night he died. She continues, "Adam was changing. I begged him to shut down the website, to walk away, but he wouldn't. He couldn't. He called me that night...and I hung up on him." Thus, Chloe concludes, Derek isn't the only one carrying Adam's death around inside him. Derek looks stunned as his cell phone rings. He finally answers, and Lan tells him she tracked down "V. Elsing". He used to be a patient at a psychiatric hospital in Baltimore. Derek asks where he is now.

Cut to the Psychiatric Unit of Loughmann Medical Center. Some guy (V. Elsing, presumably) is chained to a table in an observation room. Helpful Guard tells Derek and Chloe that Elsing was first picked up for disturbing the peace. Derek asks what happened to his face (which we haven't seen yet) and Helpful Guard says that Elsing "went crazy last night" and attacked one of his guards, and it "took six men to bring him down." I've never spent time in a psychiatric hospital, but I would guess that after attacking guards, said patient would be put on heavy medication. Derek wants to talk to Elsing, but Helpful Guard isn't so helpful in that respect, so Derek slips him a twenty. Helpful Guard says they can have five minutes and gives Derek the money back.

Derek and Elsing sit in a room, and Elsing says "they're not human, the ones that you're looking for." Derek wants to know who he's looking for. Elsing starts babbling about when you hear something in your house at night and you start turning the place upside down to make sure your home is still safe. Derek says that has happened to him, and Elsing says that maybe he really did hear something, like "something else, something fearsome." There's that old title again! Elsing says "they feed on fear," and the only way to stay safe is not to feel terror. Derek asks what he's seen, and Elsing says, "More than enough." He reaches up to scratch his nose or something, and reveals a tattoo on his wrist that looks like the ones on the Croatoan tree or in Adam's notes, and then yells, "You only see what your mind can handle." Derek says he doesn't understand, and Elsing says Adam didn't either, at first, but it doesn't matter because "they'll be coming soon...real soon." And I know that I always take paranoid ramblings of unmedicated psychiatric patients seriously.

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