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Lan asks if Derek is sure that isn't him in the video, and Derek points out a (barely noticeable) scar above Adam's eye, caused by Derek pushing him off his bike when they were six. Nice! Lan says that this video is the result of some serious video effects, "Hollywood-level stuff" and that she needs to "figure out the password" so they can get into "this protected website." What website? It's a video. Was there a link in the email somewhere? I hate when television shows try to use computers and just assume that the viewers won't know or care enough if they get the details wrong. As Lan brings up the "website" (which looks a lot like a telnet window), she is prompted for a password. ["Just override the password request! That always works on TV!" -- Wing Chun] Derek reaches over and types something into the keyboard. Lan asks what it was, and Derek says it was "a made-up name Adam and [he] used to call each other -- twinspeak." It that anything like Twin Peaks? Derek says that he and Adam always used to know what the other was thinking, show up at the same restaurants, finish each other's sentences, and sometimes Derek would pick up the phone before it even rang, and Adam would be on the other end. If that's true, wouldn't Derek have known that Adam was going to kill himself? I have to say the whole twin phenomenon is cool and spooky -- I have friends who are twins, and they really do all that stuff he said. Anyway, Derek has guessed the correct password, and the screen goes black, and then the word "Croatoan" is written on it. Lan asks what it is. I know exactly what it means, but I'll wait and let the show explain it.

Back to Framing Device Derek, recording his monologue on a computer. He says he had no idea what it meant. Just then, Jason walks in and interrupts, and asks if he can sit there for a moment, and that he'll be quiet. Derek starts up again, but of course Jason interrupts him. Like, ha ha, not. Anyway, this scene (like the previous scene with Jason) was so unnecessary and just screams "Scene Inserted After The Fact To Inject Some Levity." Derek says that the whole thing made him decide to get in touch with "the one person who loved Adam as much as [he] did."

Cut to a boxing ring. Blue Sweatshirt is beating on Gray Sweatshirt, and finally knocks him out. Blue sweatshirt takes off her headgear to reveal that she is a chick. Derek (who has been watching the whole time) advises her to pick on someone her own size. Blue sweatshirt is suddenly out-of-breath, even though she seemed fine before, and wheezes, "D-Derek?"

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