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Elsing, Derek and Chloe walk outside. Chloe rests on the steps as Derek demands that Elsing tell him what's going on. Elsing says, "It's you. It's the website. You're stirring them up, making them nervous. You're going to end up just like Adam." Derek says, "You mean, dead." Elsing replies that there are worse things than being dead. Hey, Elsing. Christopher Walken called and he wants his schtick back. Derek makes a cat's butt with his mouth and then runs back and gets the necklace from Chloe. He asks Elsing what the necklace has to do with his brother's death, but suddenly Elsing is gone.

Next day, Derek walks into the Freakylinks offices where Lan asks what happened to his hand. He hugs her and says she wouldn't believe him, and then says he doesn't want to talk about it. Lan shows him a story she found on the web that says that the severed Indian head was cursed, and that Mahlburg was in a gas explosion. Jason walks in and says that he tracked Mahlburg down and...he pulls the severed head from his backpack. Lan and Derek chuckle ruefully. Can you say "scene inserted afterwards to give levity to the proceedings"? I knew you could.

Back to the framing device, Derek continues his monologue into the computer, by saying that he's kept Adam's death buried inside him for almost three years, but now he needs answers. Derek realizes that Adam was terrified by something that drove him over the edge of sanity. Adam was his twin brother, and there hasn't been a moment that Derek didn't think about him, or feel as if he failed Adam. Derek vows to "post everything on the website," and use Freakylinks to help other people solve their mysteries. Derek hits stop and looks at the picture of Adam on his monitor. Then, he picks up the phone (which didn't even ring!) and says, "Hello?" a bunch of times. Cut to a pay phone with receiver dangling.

Next week: Derek is trying to help a guy who thinks his wife is possessed by a demon. Insert your own Exorcist joke here.

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