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There's No Need To Argue, Parents Just Don't Understand

The pressure is officially on.

With Ed winning a People's Choice Award for Best New Comedy, that's bound to bring three or four more people to this spot to read my recap for the show.

My palms...they are a-sweating.

Sooo...um, hi. I'm Uncle Bob. I'll be your nervous recapper.

Okay. Niceties aside, let's dive head-first into this pool of bad puns, empty thoughts, and terrifying attempts at dull wit and see what made Ed tick this week.

The show opens with Ed cleaning his house. A knock at the door finds an older couple on his doorstep. "Hey c'mon in!" Ed says, clueing those of us at home in on the fact that these people could very well be Ed's parents. "Come here you skinny bastard," his father says, pulling him close as he hugs him. Ed asks how the flight went and Ed's mom says she almost died of embarrassment. Apparently, Ed's dad always pre-orders the Kosher meal on flights because that way he knows he's getting something fresh to eat. However, on this flight there weren't enough Kosher meals prepared, so he had to give the meal to an actual Jewish guy...after a coin toss which turned into 2 out of 3 due to Dad's bad luck. The parents take a look around the house and try to act impressed. Dad says he enjoyed Ed's New York home, with its scenic view of the Chrysler building. Ed tries to pump up his humble abode by pointing out that he has his own back yard and garage here in Stuckeyville. And the guy next door drives a Chrysler, so it's close to what he used to have. Mom says that she got a letter from Liz, Ed's ex, who is now living in Soho. Dad asks what rent is going for these days in Stuckeyville and Ed says that he's actually bought the house. The parents kind of stare at each other and say that they thought Ed just needed a break from his real life. "This is my real life," he tells them. And the disappointed looks continue as we slide into a tidy little batch of commercials.

Back from commercials, Molly and Carol are walking down the street. Molly is babbling incessantly about taking over as coach of the Girls' JV Basketball team, which is currently celebrating its forty-seventh consecutive loss. Molly thinks she can do wonders for the team's self-esteem. Finally, she admits that one of the reasons she'd like to take over the team is so that she can holler (and then she hollers), "HIT THE SHOWERS, YOU PUNKS!" which frightens the crap out of a nearby lady.

Over at the bowling alley, Ed is carelessly throwing pencils into the ceiling when Kenny steps into his office. Kenny informs Ed that some young hooligans have stolen the "T" out of the "Stuckey Bowl" sign again, so that the sign now reads "Suckey Bowl." Ed finds this oddly amusing. You've got to give the guy credit...he's half loopy.

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