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Racism Is Alive and Well in Stuckeyville

As you may have seen on the Mighty Big TV homepage, I had a struggle as to how I should recap this week's episode of Ed, which deals with homophobia and racism. I tried to handle the subject with kid gloves, and what I ended up with was a recap that was about as funny as playfully wrestling with your grandmother and accidently popping a boner. So I went back and tried to spice the recap up a bit. In the process, I was probably a little more offensive than normal. Thank God we live in a free society where we're not forced to read everything on the internet. If you are easily offended by an absence of political correctness, take my advice and go check out some Hello Kitty fan site. But if you're willing to have a harmless chuckle at someone else's expense, dive right in. I will offer no apologies for this recap to anyone who reaches the end and gets offended, because you have been duly warned.

We kick off this week's Ed in the bowling alley, which is as fine a place to start as any. Ed is lying down in a lane, fixing something or taking a nap or something as Mike watches him. Mike has brought Ed a sandwich and chips, which causes Ed to recoil as though Mike had brought him a sandwich and cockroaches. "What brand of chips are those?" Ed demands. Mike admits that he doesn't know, because he doesn't have the brain power required to retain information all the way from the snack bar to the actual bowling lanes. Ed says he can't eat the chips, and Mike asks why; Mike's inquisitive that way. Ed says that when he was twelve years old, he saw a commercial in which it said that no one could eat just one potato chip of a particular brand. Ed decided that no snack company was going to tell him what he could and couldn't eat, so he ate one chip, threw the rest of the bag away, and has never eaten another one of their chips. To this day, he is Edward J. Stevens, the man who could eat just one chip. Mike, sensing a bet that he could win, bets Ed $10 he won't eat a chip. Ed refuses. Mike announces that this day needs to be marked down in history as the day that Edward J. Stevens refused a $10 bet adding that the tradition of the $10 bet is officially over. Ed snatches a chip and eats it. The scene ends with Ed chomping on the chip with a pissed-off look on his face. If I had written the scene, I would have had Ed grab another and another and another chip, wolfing down the whole plate like a psychotic potato-chip-eater guy thing. Unfortunately, I write the recaps. The show already has writers. But that was one of the lamer $10 bets, and had no real payoff. Mike didn't even laugh that stupid laugh that he normally does when Ed makes an ass of himself. The show has kicked off in a convoluted fashion yet again.

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