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Joanna wants to work on her newly found telekinetic powers, but she's constantly interrupted by people who grab whatever it is she's trying to move. One of the people who gets in her way is Max Brody, the new reporter who's replaced her at The Eastwick Gazette. He's got a suspiciously good resumé for somebody working at a tiny newspaper like this. Eventually, Joanna accepts that she's more freaked out by being nailed into a burning coffin that she's been willing to admit.

Roxie finds out about Chad's death via a (non-prophetic) dream and Follows the Signs until she ends up with a song he recorded for her. A message from beyond the grave! She decides her lesson was that she needs to let things go, so she empties out the drawer she had Chad's stuff in. And also the drawer that her ex-husband's stuff was in. Rebecca Romijn does a lot of crying in this episode.

Kat meets up with Eleanor (Cybill Shepherd, remember?), who continues to be smirky, disdainful, and awesome. Also, she has exactly the same powers as Kat. And the same number of children. But her methods freak Kat out, so once Bun gets her memories back, Kat runs away in terror. Then she starts purposely not using magic powers, even to heal her hurt children.

Also, there are a lot of references to The Matrix and Groundhog Day. I don't know why.

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