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Baby, You Can Drive My Car
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Captions: "The Race. Twenty-seven years ago." Back then, the world was a lot more sepia-toned. Godcam is home sick, so I'm not totally sure of the location, but I'm gonna go with a hunch and figure that it's California. One of the finish-line beacons is planted in the ground, and a little blonde girl is standing nearby. Which seems sort of unsafe even before we see what happens next.

A young couple in a boxy hatchback zooms along toward the finish line. They're both looking kinda sleepy. And dirty. They spot the little girl ahead and perk up a bit, and it seems pretty clear that the girl is their daughter, who was kidnapped like Alex's wife. It also seems pretty damn clear that the girl is Corinna, but I think we weren't supposed to guess that. Anyway, the couple is all excited and happy, at least until another car comes over a hill and sideswipes them, at which point their dominant emotions change to terror and surprise. They bounce against each other for a while, but the other car has a slight edge in terms of mass. The hatchback is pushed off the road and starts rolling down an embankment. We watch though the windshield as the car rolls and rolls. The woman is thrown out of her seat and ends up flying out of the back hatch. The man just bonks into the steering wheel a few times. Buckle up, kiddies. D says, "Cool beans!" Back at the finish line, the little girl who we don't know is Corinna, except we totally do, says, "Good trick, Mom and Dad! Do it again!"

Captions: "The Race. Today." Bright is sitting on a stainless steel bench, talking on the phone. He says that forty-two cars left Key West, and that the racephones will ring in thirty-seven minutes. He also reports, "Mrs. Patrakas was last again; she was given the package." Again? We reverse, and see that Bright is at Cape Canaveral, staring out at a shuttle on the launch pad.

Jupiter, Florida. We're at a diner called Preston's. Wendy is in one booth, staring at Ivy, who's with her friends at another table. A waitress, played by the ubiquitous Beth Grant, freshens up Wendy's coffee. Then she spots a photo of Wendy and Sam that's out on the table and coos over it. The waitress offers Wendy some advice: "While Florida is technically the South, I'd cover that up if I were you." Wendy realizes that the pistol is visible inside her purse, and she shoves it deeper inside.

Meanwhile, Ivy is discussing strategy with Susan and Leigh. She says, "A few flat tires, a couple clogged gas tanks -- and yeah, a snipped brake line or two. It'll thin the herd a bit." Whist has some karmic qualms about that.

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