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In Your Car
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We open with a montage! It's like the Oscars, only cooler, since this is a montage of car crashes set to a country song. So maybe it's more like driver's ed. It turns out that this is the show the racers are being treated to at the drive-in. Although I was kind of hoping for a cameo by Joe Bob. Sigh. Corinna thinks the montage might contain a clue to the next checkpoint, so Alex sulkily tries to pay attention.

Wendy's standing outside her minivan, having another conference call with Cindy Williams. Apparently Wendy wants to say goodnight to her baby. Cindy Williams has reached the end of her patience, and I can't really blame her. She tells Wendy that Sam's asleep, and lectures, "If there's a problem, I promise we'll call you first." A duly chastened Wendy apologizes and hangs up.

Rob is vexed because he can't use the racephone to call out. He gets out of the car and says that he's going to find a pay phone so he can "check in with the Sarge." Ellie protests, as usual, but this time she's not successful. Maybe she should have tried leaning over into the backseat again. But she's saved as there's a music cue signaling the end of the montage, and Bright says, "Welcome drivers!" over the loudspeaker.

As Bright congratulates the racers on making it this far, Violet unsuccessfully tries to wake up John, who's sacked out in the passenger seat. We cut between the cars as Bright explains, "Tonight, one of you will be rewarded with a special advantage. A little something we call a jump-start."

A cheesy soundtrack from shorts in the 1950s plays as the movie screen shows some cars zipping along. Bright says that the jump-start is an opportunity to gain a huge lead, and we go to a CGI illustration. Bright really does love visual aids. He adds, "We use the word 'opportunity' because winning is not guaranteed. You have to earn it. This involves risk." Anyway, he and the CGI explain that after completing the challenge, the racers will be able to skip the current checkpoint entirely and go on to the next one. He breathlessly says, "This could earn you a distance advantage of up to 700 miles!" He says that the challenge will go to the racer with the "most improved overall" ranking. And that'd be Alex. The movie screen suddenly shows a live image of Alex. All of the other racers lean around to stare at the Challenger. Then Alex's racephone rings. He looks at the display and reads, "455 Broad Street, Sweetwater, Georgia." Bright wishes all of the other racers luck, and their racephones ring. Which distracts them from giving Alex the stink-eye.

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