The Blood is the Life

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Sobell: B | 71 USERS: B
Meet Vlad the Impresario

Alex underlines Van Helsing's last point by smashing his crystal tumbler on a side table, then grabbing Van Helsing by the throat and popping the fangs. He hisses, "Give me one good reason I should not peel you like a grape." Van Helsing replies, "Because without me, you'd still be rotting in that iron box." Well, that subtly changes the relationship! In any event, they agree to get a leash on their respective tempers and take down the order. It's the wackiest period buddy comedy on the schedule this fall!

Lisa Schmeiser is an Oakland-adjacent reporter, editor and blogger. She regularly tweets here, blathers about comics here, and posts the oddball personal piece of writing here.

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