The Blood is the Life

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Meet Vlad the Impresario

(Also, how much do I love that we live in a time where the crusading hero of a television show is a vampire who wants to kick oil dependence?)

So now we have the Herr Krueger breaking into Lord Clive's coffin and beheading him. Fortunately, Lord Clive's head was already loosely attached, so it was like ripping perforated paper. He then passes a valise containing the head on to Lady Jayne who confirms that, yep, it was a vampire. Then Lady Jayne talks with the drawn-out fellow who was skulking around the party, they retcon Jack the Ripper as a hoax they cooked up to hide the last vampire who stalked around London, and she concludes, "I'll put Kruger on patrol, have him target the high council member's houses." The two agree to keep their vampire suspicions between themselves for now.

Worlds colliding! Mina is in Accent Guy's medical class, and he's introduced as Doctor Van Helsing. Because apparently Europe is small and populated by 13 people who will all have inordinate influence over one another's fate.

Jonathan and Alex have their interview, and we learn here that Alex gets burned in the sun (he hides it) and Jonathan drones on about privilege in a way that would make him seem right at home on Tumblr in 2013. Alex wins him over by subtly implying they're on the same side ("You stand against the same interests that would prefer I return to America") and then recites a sonnet to Europe: "We call it the old world for a reason, and yet her people seek the new wherever they can." It is a testament to Jonathan Rhys Meyers' total commitment to the part that he absolutely sells the slick-American-sales-pitch thing. Alex says, tongue-in-cheek, "I come from a very old family, but I am fixed always on the future. I surround myself with things that speak to both." We also find out that Alex is a fan of Darwin, and that Jonathan's idea of taking notes is to write, "Visionary, delusional, egomaniac." Oh, I hope it is HE who eats the bugs in this version of Dracula!

Mina meets with Van Helsing and they discuss how Mina's great with tests but a total hot mess with a scalpel. Van Helsing tries to help Mina get her head on straight with, "Mina, I have always found that the secret to a steady hand is a steady heart." In other words, dump your underminer boyfriend.

Alex, who is stalking Mina among the conveniently-placed giant pillars in her medical school hall, would seem to agree. But he restrains himself and feeds instead on some poor hapless extra.

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