The Blood is the Life

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Meet Vlad the Impresario

So the party's finally winding down, and Sir Clive makes a gracious exit with, "You are a fraud, sir, and I will see to it that you never do business here." Alex watches him go with the slight smirk of a man who's suddenly realized what he's going to snack on before bed.

And now, some interleaved scenes wherein we discover that Jonathan's not exactly in a hurry to ask Mina to marry him, and Mina is telling Lucy she's not terribly upset about the foot-dragging, on account of the dishy new guy she just met tonight who may or may not have been her husband in a past life. Since we're known these characters for 18 minutes, their romantic travails are of little interest me. Let's get to the bloodletting!

And here we are. Sir Clive gets eviscerated before he can even unlock this door.

The next day, Renfield is upbraiding Alex for his little snit the night before, but Alex is cheerily unrepentant: "I told you: Their corruption and their hubris is unbridled." What is more interesting is how he's spread out photographs of all these people all over his study, and each one has a dossier behind it. Then Alex says the words that strike fear into my heart: "That's always been the way with the Order of the Dragon." Oh no – it's a shadowy conspiracy. Just once, I want to recap a show where the protagonist is IN the shadowy conspiracy and wants to screw with ordinary citizens, not where the protagonist is trying to tackle the One World Government or whatever.

Renfield makes noises about seeing corruption and hubris with their own eyes, and Alex huffs about people with grotesque senses of entitlement, calling out Lord Laurent and Lord Davenport in particular as likely members of the "High Council." Renfield makes a series of noncommittal comments designed to goad Alex into expositing more about this whole Order of the Dragon foofarah and Alex obliges: "You cross them and they will strike you down like vipers in the pit. Murder, torture, rape, wholesale slaughter. That is the stock-in-trade of the Order of the Dragon." As opposed to vampires, who are really just locavores with severe sun allergies. We get some flashbacks to how awful the Order is and Alex says darkly, "They do their dirty work via business, politics and oil. That last one, Renfield, will be their undoing. They believe it will fuel the next century, and if they control it, they control the future." I don't even have the WORDS to express how very much I hope this series becomes an alternate-earth steampunky thing where fossil fuels are stopped in their tracks and Dracula gets his way.

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