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There Will be Blood

So, Grayson's apparently out and about in broad … cloudy weather. He's out, at any rate, shilling his pending demonstration of his geomagnetic power technology, and his carriage goes right underneath Mina's window. She wafts over to look at it, although why anything Grayson does should be a surprise beggars belief. After all, she's got an invitation to the same demonstration, with a personal note appended.

Grayson is similarly addled, but he recovers enough to continue sparring with Van Helsing. There's a bit of "Told You So"-ing going on from Grayson, but Van Helsing is not rising to the bait, which should have been warning sign #1. Warning sign #2 should have been how smoothly and easily Grayson's chest-punchy-serum treatment went (off-camera). Grayson needles Van Helsing about the little problem of Browning's children, but even then, he can't get any traction. The only time Van Helsing engages directly is when Grayson asks whether Van Helsing will be around for the demo, i.e. "the moment we bring our greatest enemy to his knees," and Van Helsing answers truthfully, "I will savor every second of it."

Meanwhile, Lucy's taken to the staying-in-bed-all-day portion of vampiring. Good for her! It's about time something broke her way.

And now, that first awkward meeting between two recently broken-up people. Mina ambushes Harker at home -- not cool, Mina -- to return his mother's ring – and he says he doesn't want it back, as he could never bear to see it on anyone else. Also, Harker's dropped any/all attempts at Received Pronunciation and is going for a lower-class accent of some sort here. So I guess this is him being emotional as opposed to confused like he was in the previous nine episodes? Whatever. The point is, these two are still dullards and anything else is more interesting that watching them brood about Grayson.

We're at the warm-up for Grayson's demo, and he's working the crowd like a showman. Kowalski's confirmed that everything is working perfectly. This leaves Grayson free to worry about Harker, and Renfield helpfully supplies that Harker's been MIA for two days. Exactly how long do those Order Draco initiation ceremonies last? Anyway, Renfield's to bring Harker directly to Grayson, an order they will all have cause to regret later.

Meanwhile, inside the Order Draco vampire-killing command center, you can tell shit just got real because there's a veritable United Nations of hunters standing around looking very multicultural and because Lady Jayne is running around in leather pants and nobody's raised an eyebrow. Some guy who looks like he should be singing soft-rock 1970s covers at a farmers' market comes in and Jayne bellows, "Huntsmen!" Which is when I fall apart laughing, because she sounds exactly like Brian Blessed in Flash Gordon bellowing, "Stand by, my Hawkmen!" After I pull myself together, I realize we're seeing the Seer, Loiza Scaverra. He whips out some big-deal alleged holy relic (a cotton strip purported to hold the blood of Christ) and everyone acts awed for a moment. Then it's back to business. Order Draco plans on using the one-two-three wallop of seer+holy blood+ unexplained mystical hoodoo to find the vampires, then the steampunk Bennetton ad that is the huntsmen will fan out and kill them all.

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