From Darkness to Light

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Dracula, Negging Ladies With the Best of Them

So remember how in the last episode, Lady Jayne was predicting that London would soon be crawling with vampires? She's right. In the opening sequence, she's busy fighting a few on a train. The fight scene is shot quite well – the sketchy light and tight quarters make the fight seem like a close thing for 30 seconds or so, but Jayne soon dispatches two of the vampires and a third jumps off the back of the train and escapes, presumably to mutter about how vampires on larger-budget shows have the wherewithal to turn into bats and avoid messy confrontations like this one.

Meanwhile, inside Alex's manor, he's chilling on the floor – apparently sectional couches haven't been invented yet? – while Renfield brings him a nightcap of O-negative and muses on Lady Jayne's extracurriculars. Alex gives reluctant plaudits to the Order Draco's affirmative action practices in the area of mass murder, and Renfield asks – in the tone of someone who really doesn't like his friend's new girlfriend but doesn't want to make things weird – "You'll kill her?" Alex points out, "If I kill her, the Order will just send someone else to replace her." Renfield just wants Alex to dump Jayne already, but Alex is playing the long con here: "I'll take from her a prize she's given no other man… her trust."

Then Alex heads outside, where he is almost set upon by the escaped vampire of the first scene, but at the last minute, the other vamp croaks, "Hello, master."

Lady Jayne is now doing vampire postmortems with Browning, and this is how we learn that you can tell a vampire's age by the state of its corpse after it's been killed. (Evidently, all their sexy vampire-ness disappears upon death.) We also see that Lady Jayne takes considerable pride in her vampire-slaying acumen ("If I can't kill the beast, no-one can") and it's nice to see someone who is basically the opposite of Mina in that she loves what she does and she could not care less if men have a problem with it. Darn you, show, for making me like Lady Jayne!

We're introduced to the vampire who is visiting Alex – he's Josef Cervenka, formerly Alex's right hand vampire. The two catch up on what's gone on in the past few hundred years, and Alex shares that he's summoned Josef to London because there's an Order Draco that needs extinguishing. Alex begins speaking excitedly about how he's going to liberate the world from its dependence on fossil fuels and thus bankrupt the Order Draco, and Josef is all, " …That is a lot less gothic and bloody than what I had in mind."

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