Four Roses

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Forget London’s Vampire Epidemic – the Real Danger is the Epidemic of Dumb

Mina is sleeping in the hospital, having flashbacks to her ordeal, many of which revolve around Grayson going full vampire on someone. When she fully wakes, chest heaving and hair looking remarkably good, she sort of freaks out upon seeing one long-stemmed red rose in a glass by her bedside.

Meanwhile, Grayson's decided that Order Draco is behind the Mina attack and vows, "Now they'll see the violence I can reap." As per usual, Renfield is the voice of reason, pointing out that his torture was centered around trying to get Renfield to answer the question of whom Grayson loved, then the triptych was stolen, and now the attack on Mina. He argues that all three were the work of Lord Davenport, working independently of the Order, so maybe Grayson needs to cool his jets on this vendetta – Davenport is dead, after all – and resume working on his original elaborate revenge scheme. In response, Alex tells Renfield he can either cram it sideways or see how much he enjoys being a lawyer who can only keep office hours in the dark. Renfield, no fool, decides to shut up. One hopes he's quietly putting together a discreet and hasty exit strategy.

So we've seen the first idiocy of the night: Alex assuming that the Order's behind this. Start keeping a list. It will only get more exasperating from here.

Van Helsing's hit his lab so that he can fill his satchel with many creepy-looking bottles of fluid and a set of medical tools. Renfield comes by all, "Look. The volatile vampire we work with has lost his mind over the slackjawed Mina Harker, and if we want this revenge plot to work AT ALL, we had best get back there and bring him back to our senses." And Van Helsing's response is basically, "Grayson is a monster, and I quit." Renfield practically begs Van Helsing to speak with Grayson before the vampire does something stupid like take on the Order single-handedly, and Van Helsing is all, "I really don't care what idiocy Grayson executes, I'm knee-deep in my own stupid side scheme."

RUN, Renfield! Leave this land of simpering idiots and retire someplace nice.

Browning and Lady Jayne are in some fancy building, and she's carrying on about how exciting it is to have every decent huntsman in Europe paying a visit. She notices that Browning's not terribly thrilled and asks what's wrong. He says, "My children have been abducted." After the two of them clear the room of non-Order Draco things, Browning concludes that his children's abduction is linked to "all of this." He then produces Daniel Davenport's suicide note – found when the Order Draco was "sanitizing" Lord Davenport's house after his death – and Lady Jayne seems surprised to learn that Daniel and Lord Laurent were lovers. Browning says, "Alexander Grayson is not only a cunning businessman, he is a criminal mastermind, prepared to cheat, murder or blackmail anyone who stands in his way." Lady Jayne's not disputing any of that, but she is questioning why Grayson would abscond with some anklebiters. "How could that possibly further his ends?" she asks. Browning replies – not inaccurately – that Grayson's less about alternative energy than he is about destroying Order Draco. Lady Jayne asks what motive Grayson has, and Browning replies – again, not inaccurately – that Grayson has none, but Dracula has plenty. He sees the recent vampire infestation as something to distract the Order while the real threat – bankrupting them – ticks by almost undetected.

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