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So as my college Italian teacher used to say, siamo in crisi right from the start, as Mrs. Hughes's counterpart at Grantham House in London has taken ill and won't return for some weeks, which is unfortunate timing given that everyone is either already in London or is going there for Rose's coming out, which I'm glad is finally happening so she'll be free to go to London whenever she wants and stop dragging the rest of us into it. So Mrs. Hughes and Daisy are going to head to London immediately, with Ivy staying behind to cook for Branson and Edith. Speaking of, Ivy asks how it is that Edith could go to Geneva for eight months and come back looking more tired than when she left, but Mrs. Hughes is like, don't talk to me about tired when I'm about to be working twenty-eight hours a day nine days a week. The finish line is in sight, Mrs. Hughes, believe you me!

Ivy's load may be even lighter, as it turns out, because Edith is thinking of going to London to sort some Gregson-related things out and asks Branson to go with her. He begs off, saying he's got things to do, and after she cautions him not even to think about getting out of the ball, he asks why Grantham House wasn't sold when Downton was in trouble. Edith replies that it would have gone on the block eventually, but the money wouldn't have been enough to save the estate. Seriously, how much was Lavinia's father worth again? Girl really should have just paid the Spanish flu to go away. Edith then talks about how she misses Matthew, and it's true he was always more in her corner than most. She could use some people in there!

In the kitchen, Thomas asks Daisy if she's looking forward to the trip, but she doesn't know why doing kitchen prep in London is going to be any more of a thrill than doing same in Yorkshire, which I suppose is valid enough. He then asks her to tell Baxter he's looking forward to hearing her stories once he arrives, which is just weird. I thought he was so proud of himself for arranging to have a secret spy in the house, and now he's dragging other people into lording it over her?

In her sitting room, the Dowager Countess tells Edith that she's going up to London in a few days, as Lord Grantham got her invited to the supper after the presentation. In answer to the Dowager Countess's question, Edith says she's going the next day, as she needs some clothes "now I'm back to normal shape." After an awkward pause, the Dowager Countess offers that while she knows they never talk about the baby, it must be on Edith's mind constantly. Edith doesn't seem to take this in the spirit it seems to be intended as she asks if they can refer to the child as "she" instead of "it," but the Dowager Countess takes no offense as she wishes Edith hadn't been away so long. Edith tells her that the theory is that the biological mother staying to wean helps the baby, and then the Dowager Countess tries to lighten the mood and gets slapped down again. I hope you served Edith decaf, milady.

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