Downton Abbey
Season 4, Episode 5

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Daisy comes in with toast for breakfast and gives a piece to Alfred despite Carson pointing out that it should come to him first. It's not like her feelings about Alfred are a secret, but him getting his bread thirty seconds early probably isn't worth all the extra attention. Jimmy James -- using that special brand of facial distaste he generally reserves for anything concerning Alfred -- asks why he's getting special treatment, and far more ado is made about nothing here but the point is Daisy's thrilled Alfred's staying, like he had anything to do with it outside of being in the bottom fifty percent of his testing group.

In bed with her breakfast, Mary tells Anna that Napier and Blake will be coming to Downton in a few days, and when Anna asks if Mary still wants to put them up, she tells her yes indeed -- they're writing a report on why landed estates are "going wrong," and although she doesn't think Downton's in that category she'd love to have that confirmed. Mary then notes that Anna's mood has improved lately and asks if things have "sorted themselves out," and Anna tells her that they haven't completely, but things are better and she's moved back to the cottage. Mary notes that Anna obviously isn't going to give her any more information than that, "but I'm glad if it's resolved." Well, I'd like to think it was too, Mary, because it's really starting to drag, but this show has never been too great at judging when to end a Bates/Anna plotline.

After Edith once again anxiously asks if there's nothing for her and is once again told that there isn't, Lord Grantham announces that "your uncle Harold" (I remember Martha Levinson talking about her son's obsession with yachts) is in a fix involving oil leases and, as I mentioned in the recaplet, this will prove to be a reference to the Teapot Dome Scandal. Lord Grantham then says he always thought Harold was good at business, but apparently not this time and it once again goes to show how nobly British Lord Grantham is that he can feel qualified to discuss other people's business acumen without disclaiming how horrible his own happens to be. Edith wonders why Harold is "bothering" Lord Grantham with it, and Lord Grantham admits he's not sure before turning to Branson, who brings up the tamworths to be farmed at Downton. Rose pipes up that her family had them at Duneagle, but Lord Grantham cautions everyone that they haven't farmed pigs at Downton before, and when Branson replies that he thought Lord Grantham was convinced to go through with it, he admits that he is, "but I'm allowed to be nervous. Intensive farming is a big step." True, but at least the sausage deliveries will be fresher.

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