Downton Abbey
Season 4, Episode 3

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The Proposal

The party arrives home, and Rosamund hopes Rose will not be taking any further calls from Sir John, as she doesn't want to have to see her rescued by a "black bandleader" again. As they head up, Rose counters that she was happy anyone wanted to rescue her, and she suspects Rosamund would have been the same in her shoes. We don't hear how strong Rosamund's denial is; instead, we stay with Mary so she can ask Branson about his ill mood all day, to which he replies that if he told her the cause, she'd despise him. She tries to tell him she had such a secret once too, and if he actually knew what it was he might take a chance and tell her, but given how he himself thinks what he did is a grave insult to Sybil's memory, I can see why he's being cautious. Mary wisely counsels him to tell someone if not her. "It will help more than you know." I hope he remembers to thank her for this advice, given how grandly following it works out for him.

In the boot room, Edna is humming in that "My plan's coming together; ask me how" way TV villains sometimes do, and a passing Thomas takes the bait as he comments that while he's glad someone's cheerful, he's surprised it's she given how poorly her little chat with Branson seemed to go. Edna, looking like she might have eaten a canary and a sparrow for good measure, tells him he'll soon be glad to have allied with her and again: overplaying her hand. Thomas's somewhat dubious look suggests he might agree with me.

Outside, the party arrives, and Mary's once again struck by the way Anna hightails it out of there without any of her usual cheeriness -- and she's not the only one, as when Anna runs into Bates inside, he begs her either to kiss him or tell him what's happened. She snaps at him not to bully her, which if misplaced is still something, but while he doesn't take offense, he points out that she's unhappy and he doesn't know why. "I won't press you now if it makes things worse, but in the end I will find out." Anna, you've been on the show since the beginning. You know he's right. Anna looks a bit irresolute, but she almost gives it away involuntarily when Carson comes up with the news that Lord Gillingham is there and she almost jumps out of her skin as she asks if Green is with him. She immediately covers, though, by adding that Mary will want to know if he's staying, and Carson, not seeming to note anything wrong, tells her Green doesn't appear to be with him before sending her on to give Mary the message.

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