Downton Abbey
Season 4, Episode 3

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The Proposal

Alfred apparently is set on boning up on his cooking knowledge ahead of trying out for the Ritz program. Mrs. Patmore says she'll help and asks Daisy if she won't too, and Daisy, sounding despondent, says she will but that it'd be a shame if Alfred were to leave. After some nonsense with Jimmy James and Ivy, those two and Alfred head off to bed, whereupon Mrs. Patmore sympathetically tells Daisy although it'll be hard, it'll be better for them to part on good terms. Daisy regrets the "one moment of nastiness" that got her to this point, and I suppose I can't begrudge her a moment of self-pity but it's not like Ivy and Jimmy James were going to great lengths to hide what they were up to. Also, Mrs. Patmore thinks Daisy might be better served to be shut of Alfred: "Sometimes you can spend too long on a one-sided love." Is there a story, Mrs. Patmore? If Carson can talk about old flames, surely you can too!

Oh no, the guy's singing again; at least it's in a lower register this time. As they dance, Rosamund asks Branson how he likes being part of the Crawley family, and he replies that they've been kinder to him than he deserves, which she pish-poshes. Just then, she notices that Sir John has gone around the bend to ripshit -- and if he makes a habit of playing cards in this state, I hope they're for small stakes -- and the way he's jerking Rose around on the dance floor makes it look like she's on one of your less safe carnival rides. This is one adventure even Rose is not up for, and she asks that they go back to the table as Rosamund suggested, but he's slurry and confrontational until, probably thankfully for everyone including him, he realizes he's going to be sick and rushes out of the room. With Rose stranded on the dance floor, the singer, having witnessed some of the spectacle, steps down to dance with her and ask if she's all right, and Rose is charmed, unlike Rosamund, who sends Branson over to put a stop to "Jack Ross" fraternizing with Rose any further. Branson is at least polite as he smiles to Rose that he's been sent to fetch her, and Rose is taken aback but introduces Branson to Ross, who she says "rescued [her] from deep humiliation." Not as deep as if Sir John hadn't made it to the loo, but her point is taken.

Branson once again is like, let's go, young lady, so Rose steps away from Ross and whispers that there was no need to be rude, a charge Branson denies. She then asks about Sir John, but Lord Gillingham is quite sure he's peaced out, and Rose, a bit warm, hopes he at least paid the bill. She starts to say what would have happened if not for Mr. Ross, but Rosamund sharply cuts in that it was quite the little adventure she had with her gallant bandleader. Oh, Rosamund. I know you're old, but still. Rose protests that he was terribly nice and that Sir John had made her look such a fool, but Rosamund is already leaving on a wave of indignant anger. She probably doesn't note that Ross is now singing a song that starts "A rose by any other name would smell as sweet," which just as probably is for the best. Rose, however, looks back with a smile, so I'm guessing we might not have seen the last of Mr. Ross. Which is fine, as long as he sticks to speaking his words from here on out.

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Downton Abbey




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