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Season 4, Episode 3

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The Proposal

We'll never know, though, because at this moment Anna enters; she hesitates when she sees Carson, but Carson takes the opportunity to say good night, after which Anna tells Mrs. Hughes that she wants to move back upstairs when she returns from London. Mrs. Hughes can't believe it and points out that "whatever happened" wasn't Bates's fault, but Anna, starting to cry, basically says she's damaged goods now, and as such she can't have Bates touch her. "Because I think that somehow, I must have made it happen." It seems like a classic response, especially in this time period, but it's hard to watch, made all the more so by the fact that Joanne Froggatt is just killing it here. The idea that she's beating herself up for playing cards and generally being her sunny hospitable self is painful. Mrs. Hughes deems all this "stuff and nonsense" and firmly tells her she was attacked by "an evil, violent man," but Anna says she feels soiled now. Mrs. Hughes takes her by the hands and tries to make her see that they should go to the police, but Anna won't hear of it, and when Mrs. Hughes points out that she could be pregnant (some people have actual problems here, Edna), Anna says she'll kill herself in that eventuality. Mrs. Hughes tries again, saying Green shouldn't be able to get away with it, but Anna goes back to the idea that she won't set in motion a chain of events that could cost Bates his life. When Mrs. Hughes points out that Bates's heart is breaking, Anna replies, "Better a broken heart than a broken neck." Good line, but I doubt he'd see it that way. Anna reiterates her request for a room, and Mrs. Hughes reluctantly grants it but says she'll have to wait until she can give Bates a reason, "but I wish you would decide that honesty is the best policy." She asks Anna to try to take a break from it while she's in London, but Anna tells her there will be no break from it. Mrs. Hughes, I'm on your side, but that was a bit of a silly thing to say.

Jimmy James gets Ivy to join him while he's cleaning boots, and Daisy sees them disappear, after which she uncertainly heads into the kitchen and gets some directions from Mrs. Patmore. Alfred then comes in with the paper and tells them a training school for chefs is being set up at the Ritz; it's limited to a few candidates, but anyone who passes the test will get free training with wages and the chance of a job after. Mrs. Patmore tells Daisy she could do it, but Alfred is more interested in showing it to Ivy, so Daisy tells him she's in the boot room, although she looks mildly like she's going to vomit from the words. Alfred heads off, and Daisy can't even stick this play without running after them, but she's too late to stop Alfred from opening the door and seeing Ivy and Jimmy James in a lip lock. Alfred takes it in for a moment and then marches off as fast as his legs will carry him, and given that they resemble stilts that's pretty fast.

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