Downton Abbey
Season 4, Episode 3

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The Proposal

Downstairs, Jimmy James chats to Ivy about cooking; she wants to have a real skill and he disparagingly tells her she sounds like Alfred before twirling her about and telling her he wants a fun life. He then kisses her, and I'd imagine he's just bored, but just then Alfred and Daisy walk in and Alfred's like I'M TELLING! He doesn't, though, when Mrs. Patmore comes in, but Daisy gets in on the act when Mrs. Patmore says Ivy did well with her dish and Daisy pipes up that it wasn't very difficult. Mrs. Patmore counters that Daisy had a hard enough time with it when she was green, to which Daisy replies, "Yes, but Ivy moves so fast for a beginner, doesn't she?" I mean, I'm no fan of slut-shaming generally, but I have said in the past that Daisy is much more enjoyable as a screen presence when she's being a pill.

Anna, in that same pinched voice she's had ever since the atrocity, is telling Bates she'll only be gone overnight, but when he tries to put a hand on her shoulder and tell her he'll miss her, she pulls away like she's been stung. Being yanked in every direction -- she obviously regrets hurting him, but she can't do otherwise at the moment -- she apologizes and says she's just tired, "and before you ask, you've done nothing wrong." He doesn't believe her, so she feeds him a line about how they live and work together and sometimes it's just too much, and it's not that I disbelieve that that could happen, but even if I didn't know the real story it'd be obvious that that's not the situation here.

I guess last episode was too busy with guests for this moment of downtime, but over a glass of sherry (or brandy -- something out of a crystal decanter), Carson is telling Mrs. Hughes the story of how his old love Alice had a singing act with her sister, which is how they met, and she was "a gentle soul." Mrs. Hughes asks if she and Carson were courting, and Carson asks her to recall that in those days "you were lucky if you got to walk them to the corner," but he rather desperately wanted to marry her. Mrs. Hughes raises her eyebrows, and he's like, I know I know, I don't seem to have a passionate bone in my body these days, but anyway she chose Grigg and that was that. Mrs. Hughes asks what's changed now, so Carson relays what Grigg told him about Alice wishing she'd chosen Carson. He guesses it doesn't matter, given that she's dead, but Mrs. Hughes disagrees, pointing out that the woman he loved felt the same way about him. "It changes you, from where I'm looking." Oh my. If I didn't know better, I'd think Mrs. Hughes might let Carson walk her to the corner.

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