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Season 4, Episode 3

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The Proposal

In a more-fun scene, over by the church, the Dowager Countess asks Isobel if she enjoyed the concert and "the evening generally," and Isobel cuts to the chase: "You mean did I find it hard to see Mary come alive again." Well, if she's speaking so plainly, it's a good indicator that she's continuing to get back to herself. She admits that it was difficult, and when she adds that those feelings aren't defensible, the Dowager Countess demurs: "They're defensible to me." These two! Isobel thinks it's immoral to act in such a jealous and selfish way, but the Dowager Countess is determined not to fail to make her feel better: "If we only had moral thoughts, what would the poor churchmen find to do?" Isobel says she doesn't want Mary to be unhappy, and the Dowager Countess gently replies that she doesn't criticize either Isobel or Mary. "But I hope you find a way to make friends with the world again." Well, you're a good start, my lady!

Mary asks Anna -- who's working on her hair -- if she'll attend to Rose when they get to London, but Anna is uncharacteristically silent, so Mary asks if she's all right. Anna robotically answers that she is, and even when Mary presses the point by noting she's been very quiet, Anna refuses to engage as she asks if that will be all. Mary reluctantly tells her yes, but she looks worried enough as Anna heads out.

Edna is attending to Cora as the latter conspiratorially tells Lord Grantham that she called Rosamund on the sly and got her to agree to give "a little dinner," the point of which will be to get Lord Gillingham there, and she'll ask Sir John for Rose so it won't be that obvious. Lord Grantham snorts that it'll be pretty obvious, and nothing could drive his point home harder than the fact that he himself sees it. Lord Grantham asks Cora if she thinks anything will come of it, so she replies that while she thinks it's unlikely, it'd be great if it did since having a family means welcoming new members. She then asks Edna if she doesn't agree, and when Edna's like, anyone would be lucky to be part of this family, Cora turns to Lord Grantham and says that's nice rather than stabbing her with a letter opener.

At dinner, Branson is looking a million miles away, and after Edith worries they're taking advantage of Rosamund's hospitality (and Mary snarks that it gives her a "surrogate real life") Edith asks for Branson's opinion, and it takes nearly ten seconds for him to take any notice of anything besides the words "BABY MARRIAGE EDNA" swirling about in his head.

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