Downton Abbey
Season 4, Episode 3

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The Proposal

Branson is heading for the stairs when Edna's voice cuts in to say that she thought he might have come down to see her. Branson, agitated, tells her that he blushes to admit it, but he was ass-wasted. Already going all counsel for the prosecution, she asks if that means he's not going to deny what happened, and he tells her of course he won't and he's sorry if he behaved badly. "We'll just have to have to put it down to my low spirits and self-indulgence." Let me just write that down. Speaking of making notes, Thomas, who I can't believe at this point in the series is permitted to walk around without wearing a bell, listens carefully as Edna faux-bleakly supposes Branson's ashamed of what happened between them, but while he denies that, he reiterates that he made a mistake and he's sorry. "I daresay we both are." You can daresay it all you want, my strapping Irish lad, but that doesn't make it true.

Ivy is making a puff pastry/asparagus concoction, and when Jimmy James turns up his nose at it, Alfred acidly replies that they don't all have to live off battered fish and meat pies. Not that those are so bad, but his point is taken. Ivy tells the group that this is the first big thing Mrs. Patmore's trusted her with and that she's quite nervous, and Mrs. Patmore, appearing at the sound of her name as you might expect she would, is like, good… you should be. "Mess it up and it's back to kindergarten." I think Ivy looks terrified, but it's hard to tell with the giggles.

Edna steals into an aghast Branson's room and tells him he can't treat "a poor girl" like this; in other surprises, she seems to be referring to herself. She lays it on thiiiiick as she talks about Branson casting her aside -- and what if she's pregnant? "What will you do then?" If it were I, Edna, I'd hope against hope that the baby doesn't inherit the Crazy Eyes you're currently sporting. Branson replies that her getting pregnant isn't "as easy as that" (?), and wonders what the point of talking about it now is, but Edna intensely replies that she has to be sure that if she's carrying his child, he'll do the right thing. If I were Branson, I'd be awfully suspicious of her having her thoughts on the subject already so ordered, but he's too flustered to think straight, especially after Edna mentions Sybil and he snaps at her not to say her name. Edna, after a pause, gets back on the subject of babies and marriage and assurances and how he'll have no regrets, but on the verge of tears, he tells her there's nothing but regret in him. All right, Edna, the way you're crushing Branson's spirit is officially bumming me out.

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