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Season 4, Episode 3

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The Proposal

Outside, Rose and Sir John make general plans to meet in London sometime, while Green tells Lord Gillingham the luggage is loaded and Lord Gillingham then remarks to Mary that he doesn't really like Green. I'm glad to hear it, but I only wish his distaste had been stronger. Lord Gillingham adds, however, that he's lucky to have anyone nowadays, and responding to the allusion to the financial troubles his family endured when his father died, Mary smiles: "You said it." Heh. Cora, feeling some anticipation, tells Lord Grantham to give them a moment longer before he goes over to say goodbye to Lord Gillingham, but she wouldn't be thrilled to hear Mary gently but firmly turn down his request to meet in London once again. Neither am I! The cars leave for the station.

Isobel, however, is on foot in an old graveyard when she crosses paths with Dr. Clarkson, whom she notes looks very earnest. I like him well enough, Isobel, but still: How can you tell? Isobel seems to be correct, though, as Dr. Clarkson says he's on his way to meet with the board and try to sell them on an "out clinic" for the hospital. He then goes on that he knows she always thinks he's trying to get her "back in harness" (back to work), but he really could do with some extra help, as it would free up a nurse for other duties. Isobel promises that she'll think about it, and if she's even half done with mourning you know she'll get to yes.

Mary -- wearing what I think is purple velour from head to toe -- strides into the library and says the tax people can see them that Wednesday at noon, but she'd like to go the night before to avoid any travel pitfalls on the day. Lord Grantham asks if she doesn't want him to come because she's afraid of him pushing the case for selling, but Branson cuts in that the people in question are not going to care how they get their money so long as they're made whole eventually. Mary assures Lord Grantham she'll get the information and report back, but adds that she's going to try to persuade him and when he points out she'd be "dragging a debt" behind her for twenty years, she replies that she doesn't care as long as Downton becomes self-sufficient. "You're always saying that we're not the owners of Downton but the caretakers. Very well -- let's take care of it." Point to the impeccably dressed widow! Mary announces that Rosamund is letting them stay, and when Rose -- who's just popped in -- asks if she can tag along, Mary says she doesn't see why not. I mean, yes, Rose is part of the family now, but anyone who knows of her wanton behavior in London when we were first introduced to the character would, I think, be uncertain about Rosamund jumping at the chance to put Rose up again, right? Mary even witnessed Rosamund giving Rose a tongue-lashing, and Rosamund losing her temper isn't an occurrence I'd think anyone would be likely to forget. Cora then is like, sooooo, while you're in London might you meet Lord Gillingham? Mary tells her no and that she'll thank her not to be so transparent, and I can understand where she's coming from given that she surely figured a bonus of finally marrying Matthew was that she wouldn't have to endure any more of her family's matchmaking.

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