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Season 4, Episode 3

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The Proposal

Edith comes in to Rosamund's sitting room, and Rosamund makes some pointed comments about how she though Edith would be the worse for wear, like LITTLE DOES SHE KNOW. On that note, though, Rosamund asks if she might hear what kept Edith out until six in the morning, and when Edith starts to giggle about having Done Sex, Rosamund bursts her bubble by saying that apart from the morality of it, she's taken a great risk. "You're trusting this man with your name and your reputation." Edith, shaken by the bucket of cold water Rosamund is throwing over her post-coital bliss, says that Gregson wants to marry her, so she trusts him, and Rosamund's like, oh, just as you trusted Sir Anthony Strallan! That is cold! Edith tells her so, but when she asks if Rosamund is going to tell Cora, she says no. "You're a grown woman, and I'm not a spy. But you're gambling with your future, my dear. Be under no illusions -- a lot may be changing, but some things will stay the same." Unfortunately, she's all too right. If even a libertine like Rose is worried about how it looks to be left on the dance floor, Edith, you may have to admit your aunt has a point. Edith tries to say she's not sorry, and Rosamund admits she doesn't look it. "But you may find yourself feeling rather sorry later." God, Edith's so pregnant, isn't she?

Branson and Mary are getting into the car, and when she remarks that he's in much better spirits than he was in London, he admits he took her advice. Hearing that his problem is over (or so he thinks), she tells him she envies him -- she's just done something "I have a sneaking fear I may regret, for a long time to come." No argument here; I regretted it as soon as it had happened! I can only hope that Anna deciding to report Green's actions will lead to us seeing Lord Gillingham again. Until next time!

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