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Never A Bride

O'Brien has apparently tried to straighten out the situation, but Lady Cora thinks she must have said something to Molesley that he misinterpreted. O'Brien is like, the most words I've ever said to him at one time are "get out of the way" (her actual words), but Lady Cora is determined to play the victim, which seems odd, given how fiercely devoted O'Brien has been to her since her capricious decision ended any chance for a direct male Grantham heir. Any further recriminations, however, are interrupted by the arrival of Mrs. Hughes and after Lady Cora dismisses O'Brien, she, without preface, tells Mrs. Hughes that she understands she's sick. Mrs. Hughes understandably is shocked, although she downplays everything, but does say it's not confirmed that she is, in fact, ill. Thinking that she's there to defend her job, Mrs. Hughes starts to go on that she's perfectly capable, but Lady Cora cuts her off to say one thing -- if she is ill, she's welcome to stay for as long as she likes and Sybil will aid in finding a suitable nurse. "I don't want you to have any concerns about where you'll go or who'll look after you, because the answer is here and we will." Aww. Mrs. Hughes looks like she doesn't dare believe Lady Cora's kindness, and as much as it seemed like a violation, you have to give Carson credit for judging his employers accurately.

Edith, holding court for her sisters, Isobel and the Dowager Countess, is talking about the honeymoon -- a month in various locations in Italy -- and that she's looking forward to working on the house after that. Still as disapproving as Lord Grantham, if not as openly so, the Dowager Countess suggests Edith go to bed so as not to look tired the next day. "Tired means [a bride]'s anxious or been up to no good." Edith says she won't sleep a wink and Sybil asks if she means that night or the next, for which the Dowager Countess admonishes her: "Vulgarity is no substitute for wit." Sybil retorts that she started it and not to get all playground, but she's right!

Molesley finds O'Brien and pretty much begs her not to kill him, but the jury's out until he tells her he heard the news from Thomas. Clueless as ever, he goes on that he's sure it was an honest mistake, but while O'Brien disabuses him of that notion -- on both counts -- she absolves him of blame. Molesley moves to escape, but she isn't quite done: "And when you see [Thomas], you can tell him that I may make some 'honest mistakes' myself in the future." Molesley doesn't look like he understands her, but I'd wager he gives Thomas a wide berth for a while. Or at least starting after dinner, as it's that time and when everyone sits, O'Brien gives Thomas an absolutely chilling look, not that he's particularly intimidated by it. Alfred suggests that Daisy pull up a chair and join them, but Carson acidly tells him that Daisy eats with Mrs. Patmore in the kitchen and that's that. Alfred asks Daisy if she's up for a game of something later, but Mrs. Patmore declines on her behalf and Anna claims she's busy as well. Molesley then pipes up that he'll play, and Alfred doesn't even hesitate: "We'll see how we feel." I mean, poor guy, but Molesley doesn't make it easy.

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