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Later, Matthew and Mary stroll around with champagne in hand and Mary asks what the lawyer's visit was all about. Matthew sighs and tells her he gave him a letter from Lavinia's father -- apparently he wrote one to each of the prospective heirs, to be delivered to whomever actually inherited the estate and at this rate I'm expecting Matthew's next test to be to spend a night in a haunted house. Mary asks what it said, but Matthew tells her he hasn't opened it and isn't sure he will, because he knows "it'll be a paean of praise, how Lavinia could not have found a better man," and somewhere above, Lavinia's dad is elbowing an Army buddy all "Get a load of this guy!" Mary obviously still thinks he should open it, but Matthew is basically like, I won't do it and you can't make me! Matthew, how about spending some of that money on some testosterone?

Okay, here's a Crawley who doesn't waste time on bullshit. Isobel descends the stairs and finds Mrs. Hughes, whom she tells that Ethel is in quite a bad way. Although she's not sure it's current, Mrs. Hughes offers to fetch Ethel's address for Isobel and manages to do it without an emotional outburst, either.

With his roommate asleep in the top bunk, Bates desperately searches his bed as guards head his way for an inspection -- they mean it to appear routine, of course, but it's obvious they've been told to expect to find something. Just before they arrive, Bates finds what he's looking for -- a small package -- and palms it as the guards enter and order him and the cellmate up against the wall. With their eyes on the bed, Bates manages to slide the incriminating evidence into a hole in the wall, not that they search him, which seems ridiculous. Obviously they didn't expect him to have had any knowledge of the set-up, but, you know, while they're up? Bates does look pretty shaken by the near miss.

It's dinnertime for the servants and after Anna mentions that her trip to London was pretty fruitless, Carson asks O'Brien if she might let them in on what she told Molesley. O'Brien, of course, doesn't know what he means, so Carson clarifies, whereupon O'Brien swivels her head in Molesley's direction. He may not be too bright, but some survival instinct tells him to look terrified, which I guess means there's hope for him. He says he thought Lady Cora would have already known that O'Brien is leaving, but before O'Brien can really work up a head of steam, Thomas asks if it isn't time for the dressing gong, and Carson confirms that. Before everyone breaks up though, O'Brien promises Molesley that she'll deal with him later, prompting this comment from Daisy: "You're in the soup. I wouldn't be in her bad books for a gold clock." Daisy, we have and will continue to have our disagreements, but I couldn't have said it better myself.

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