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Never A Bride

Isobel is teaching a sewing class to some women, who from their level of enthusiasm look like they're ready to get out and resume showing the local male populace a good, moderately-priced time, when Ethel appears behind her. Isobel gets up and warmly tells Ethel that she hopes she's come for their help, and she'd be very welcome to it. Ethel, however, tells her she's past help, but Isobel says there's no such thing. Raising her voice, she adds, "And if you mean by that that you are a prostitute, you should know that is true of every woman who has come here to rebuild their [sic] lives." The peanut gallery makes some snide comments in return, as you might well expect, and Isobel is another of my favorites on the show, but it is enjoyable occasionally to see her sublime self-assurance taken down a peg. Ethel, however, tells Isobel that while she is in fact a prostitute, she doesn't want help -- at least, not for herself. She then gets overcome, declares the errand a mistake and runs off again despite Isobel's entreaties for her to stay. Is she thinking of giving up the baby? Or has something happened to him already? Hard to say, but the fact she doesn't have him with her is suspicious -- who could she have gotten to care for him? Then again, she probably had to make some arrangements in her current vocation, because I could only imagine that a crying baby is the anti-Viagra.

As we start on a close-up on an envelope in Matthew's hands, the lawyer supposes that it must be strange to receive a letter from a dead man. Well, on some shows I'm sure that'd be true. Matthew hastily shoves the letter into an inside pocket as Mary enters and says it's time to go, adding an apology to the lawyer for whisking her husband away as she is. The lawyer shakes Matthew's hand and tells him there will be papers to sign, and sure it's a bit of a chore, but from the haunted look on Matthew's face you'd think he's going to be made to write his name in baby's blood. Mary then tells Matthew that Sir Anthony has been invited so they can all "face the future together," and adds that he'll be picking up the Dowager Countess and Isobel on the way, and if I didn't already know we were going to get to see that, here's where I'd be complaining. Matthew apprehensively guesses the prospect of leaving is hard for the Dowager Countess, but Mary tells him that it's torture for all of them. "And if I ever look as if I'm finding it easy to lose my home, then I am putting on an act." It's a good line with which to leave, so the five subsequent seconds spent on Matthew making goofy sad faces are probably unnecessary.

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