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Never A Bride

Matthew tells Mary that Lavinia's father's lawyer has received the death certificate from India, and he's stopping by the house. Does Matthew even need that for his records? I suppose it can't hurt, but I wouldn't have thought it was his responsibility; however, the point is he insisted on coming in person. Mary chews him out when she hears the guy's coming the next day, because they're going to visit Downton Place. "I'm surprised you of all people can forget that!" This leads to a full-blown fight about the money again and sometimes the time jumps on this show are jarring, but if this is representative of the last month -- and I have no doubt that it is -- it's just as well we skipped ahead. For his part, when Mary's gone, Matthew looks like he's wondering if he can arrange for a bulk order from Bayer.

O'Brien asks Lady Cora if there will be anything else, and Lady Cora keeps an "I know what's going on" expression fixed on her face, which is always hilarious when the other person, you know, doesn't. She eventually asks if O'Brien has something to tell her, but when O'Brien obviously does not, she lets it go and I'm kind of surprised at this point that O'Brien's Thomas alarm isn't going off every time something out of the ordinary happens. When she's gone, Lady Cora sighs to Lord Grantham that O'Brien has really let her down. Given what happened when the tables were turned, it's just as well that O'Brien isn't pregnant. Lord Grantham then makes an offhand comment about Sir Anthony, so Lady Cora tells him that she knows he's not happy with the match, but Edith will be nearby and there was certainly a time when I disliked Edith enough to have made a joke about her proximity being in Lord Grantham's "Objections" column. Lord Grantham doesn't say anything about that, but does once again bring up Sir Anthony's age and infirmity...

...while downstairs, Carson awkwardly pulls Mrs. Patmore aside and tells her about his encounter with Dr. Clarkson, and that he got the advice to lessen Mrs. Hughes' workload. Mrs. Patmore thinks that's a good idea, but warns Carson that Mrs. Hughes won't be pleased to hear Dr. Clarkson has been talking about her "before it's been confirmed." Carson heavily says it is cancer then, but Mrs. Patmore repeats that it isn't confirmed and he shouldn't say anything, because Mrs. Hughes would hate to think the doctor told him. Carson: "He didn't tell me, Mrs. Patmore. You told me." I don't think that's fair on Mrs. Patmore at all, but it's not like anyone's having a great time with this situation.

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