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Never A Bride

In the study, Lady Cora asks how "it" will be advertised and from Lord Grantham's response, it's clear that he's selling Downton, so all his talk about not giving up was apparently nothing more than a reflex. Branson, obviously back for the new wedding, asks where Lord Grantham will go, and Lord Grantham tells him they have some land a bit further north. He makes it sound like it's an untilled field, but as we'll later see, while nowhere near Downton's size (what is?), it's a reasonable estate in its own right. Lord Grantham suggests that they could rename it "Downton Place," and if that's branding a spinoff rather than spitballing, color me intrigued. Matthew asks who lives there now and Lord Grantham merely tells him it's "a tenant" with whom he's sure they can come to an arrangement. Lady Cora suggests they take a picnic there the next day to enjoy "Edith's last day of freedom." Before that can remarked upon/scoffed at, Mary bustles in with the news that Molesley is waiting to see Lady Cora. He's called in, whereupon he nervously asks Lady Cora if he might be allowed to put in a candidate for O'Brien's replacement. Lady Cora doesn't literally gasp in response, but despite then pretending for Molesley's benefit that she already knew O'Brien was leaving, she's far from thrilled... unlike certain other people in the room. Actually, Lord Grantham proclaims his own feelings on the subject mixed, as, if you'll remember, O'Brien raised her profile in his eyes with her unwavering care when Lady Cora was at death's door with the Spanish flu. But then Mary chimes in, "Mine are fairly unmixed." Heh. Sybil asks if Lady Cora had a clue and the answer is a disappointed no, but Lord Grantham points out that the news makes it as good a time as any to discuss, well, how they're going to fire the staff. Mary sensibly suggests that they get through the wedding and then tell them, and then shoots Matthew an accusing look as he shifts uncomfortably. Mary, if you really want to stick it to him, get him to explain to the servants how he's turning down a thousand years' worth of their wages because of feelings or whatever shit.

In town, Carson catches Dr. Clarkson on the street and tells him he heard about Mrs. Hughes' "condition" and wonders if there's anything he can do to help her. Dr. Clarkson tells him that lessening her duties would be quite the start, and when Carson pries for more information, Dr. Clarkson is gone before you can say the words "doctor-patient confidentiality." Which, in fairness, does take a couple seconds to get out.

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