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Never A Bride

Downstairs, Daisy remarks to Anna that she never thought she'd feel sorry for an Earl's daughter before haltingly asking Anna if she's of the opinion that women should say what they think, especially in the area of romance. Anna considers the question before noting that things are changing for women -- the vote is coming, for example -- but "with most of the men I've ever met, if you started to court them, they'd be so terrified they'd run a mile." Heh. Just then, Alfred, the obvious object of Daisy's affection, pops in for a moment and Daisy lights up in a way it'd be hard for Anna to miss. And I actually don't mind a Daisy-Alfred pairing philosophically really, but how are they going to overcome the four-foot height differential?

Upstairs, the family is having dinner in the mood you'd expect; Isobel asks if Edith has had anything to eat, but Mary tells her that she wouldn't touch the sandwiches Anna brought up for her. Lady Cora remembers to tell Carson that she doesn't want Edith to see any of the wedding food and Carson assures her that "what's left" is being taken to the church to be given to the poor. Hilariously, the Dowager Countess tells him to bring it her way if the poor don't want it and then Matthew wonders how they can help Edith. Isobel suggests that finding her something to do would be a start and despite that being what you'd expect from Isobel, she's got a point -- Edith never had more of a purpose in life than when she was helping in the convalescent home that was Downton in Season 2.

Here's why the entirety of the wedding food isn't going to the church -- the downstairs staff is getting their share and good for them. In a know-it-all voice, Thomas explains the concept of canap├ęs to Alfred and Mrs. Patmore chimes in with a bunch of other offerings on the menu that makes me wish I could be a Downton vagrant for a day. Mrs. Hughes laments all the trouble Mrs. Patmore went to, but to her credit, Mrs. Patmore says it's absolutely nothing compared to "the pain of that poor girl upstairs," and O'Brien adds that she couldn't stand the shame. Thomas: "Then it's lucky no one's ever asked you, isn't it?" Cheap! Rude! And above all, stupid! Alfred is the only one who thinks this is a blessing -- Edith is young, not bad-looking and "she could do much better than that broken-down old crock." Carson tells Alfred that Sir Anthony doesn't deserve to be spoken about in that manner by a footman, but Mrs. Hughes is like, overruled, and Carson recants: "Well, maybe just this once." Hee. Mrs. Patmore asks what everyone's having -- lobster, duck or asparagus -- whereupon Alfred asks her if there's any cheese and even O'Brien gets a "Maybe we're not actually related" look on her face.

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