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Never A Bride

...while, when Edith arrives home, she rushes upstairs, throwing her veil over the railing before rushing into her room and collapsing on the bed, distraught. If I were she, I'd grab those tickets to Rome and get out of there for a month. They wouldn't go to waste and she might meet a handsome stranger... or ten!

Downstairs, Lord Grantham asks Alfred to clear out every reminder of the wedding reception once the other servants had returned. "I want it gone before Lady Edith comes down." So, it definitely needs to be done within a week, then.

Upstairs, Lady Cora gingerly asks if there's anything she can say, but Edith says no, and bitterly looks at her two married sisters before asking them to go. Lady Cora nods to them and when they're gone, she puts her arms around Edith and tells her she's being tested, fiercely adding that it will only make her stronger. Edith, however, sobs that she doesn't think it's working with her and not to nitpick the jilted, but I think it takes a little time -- at least until your sobs downgrade from hysterical to intermittent.

After a couple shots of the staff breaking down the party that never happened, Matthew follows Lord Grantham out onto the grounds, whereupon Matthew gives his father-in-law an uncertain smile and wonders what they do now. Lord Grantham tells him there's nothing they can do other than hold Edith's hand until she recovers, which she will; meanwhile, it's time to face leaving Downton and "astonish the world with the extent of my wretched failure." Not that you asked, but I think the extent is going to be less shocking than the method, Lord Grantham. Because: Canadian rail? Anyway, Matthew takes a deep breath and tells Lord Grantham that he doesn't have to leave -- he's going to give him the money after all. Hugh Bonneville does some nice work as he literally looks like he wants to go in about seventeen directions at once, both physically and emotionally, but he manages to tell Matthew that of course he's not giving him the money. Matthew, however, tells him that none of them want to leave Downton, not even he. So Lord Grantham, after casting an appraising (literally!) eye over his domain, tells Matthew that he will allow him to invest in Downton -- they'll be joint owners. You know, I never thought of this before, but if Lord Grantham is able to sell Downton, isn't that an easy loophole to the entail? Couldn't he offer it to Mary for like, a dollar? Maybe the late Lord Grantham excluded family members as buyers -- he doesn't seem to have missed many bets when it comes to making people's inheritances difficult. Matthew doesn't look too thrilled, even though, of course, he's only getting his mitts on Downton early this way. I suppose this brings the reactionary/progressive seasonal conflict right to the management of Downton, which could be interesting. Probably not with these two, though; there's way too much of a mutual admiration society as their ensuing almost-hug demonstrates.

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