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Never A Bride

Edith's sisters and mother are in with her now, and, beaming, she suggests they have the photographer take a photo of all three sisters at the church...

...but, for a look at a different mood, we cut to Sir Anthony, who the Dowager Countess accurately describes to Travis as looking "as if he's waiting for a beating from the headmaster." Indeed, it's the longest I can remember Sir Anthony going without a (usually goofy) smile.

Outside, however, the sisters are getting the aforementioned photo taken and then Lord Grantham barks at them for being, apparently, quite late, so everyone rushes in, but Mary holds Edith back to tell her that while they haven't always gotten along and probably won't in the future, "today, I wish you all the luck in the world." Edith is touched, Mary kisses her and they go in, Anna trailing behind Edith holding her train...

...and it's time. And look, I loathed Edith in Season 1 -- who didn't -- but they've done a good enough job in rehabilitating her that I take no pleasure in what follows. It seems pretty cheap, story-wise, for this disaster to happen to the middle, forgotten sister; I can't see what greater purpose it's going to serve. So let's rip the Band-Aid off: before Travis even gets further than "Dearly beloved," Sir Anthony pipes up that he can't do this; wild-eyed, looking like he has about ten seconds to live, he babbles that it's wrong and Lord Grantham told him so himself. Edith, gaping, says she doesn't understand his meaning, so he leans forward and tells her he can't let her throw her life away; he wants her to be happy, but that'll never happen if she wastes herself on him. Lord Grantham tries to tell him it's too late for all this and Travis suggests they take a moment, but the Dowager Countess soberly steps forward and instructs Edith to let Sir Anthony go and not to stop him from "doing the only sensible thing he's come up with in months." Even as he looks like a zombie, doomed to walk the earth without a soul, Sir Anthony manages to thank the Dowager Countess, and it's touches like that that go a long way to explain why I will miss him. Edith, however, can't just agree to this like her grandmother wants her to, so Sir Anthony steps forward and bids his "dearest darling" farewell before walking out of the church, and of all reasons not to leave someone at the altar, the prospect of walking that gauntlet of people's shocked stares would probably be at the top of my list. Outside, Sir Anthony's face breaks as he rushes away...

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