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Never A Bride
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The multitude of flowers and wineglasses and the rolling up of the huge carpet in the hallway could only mean that Edith's wedding is imminent, even if the woman herself weren't beaming as she observes the preparations from above. We then cut to her having descended, and she looks around like she can't even take it all in. I'm going to try not to make jokes like "And she might as well not," but it's going to require actual physical effort, and I can't promise I'm not going to strain something as a result. Edith sees the Dowager Countess approaching and asks her if it isn't so exciting, getting this reply: "At my age, one must ration one's excitement." Her failure to mention Sir Anthony as another in that category is probably about as well-behaved as she's going to get. They arrive at the sitting room, in which there are already a number of gifts, and Edith can't believe that something happening in the house is actually about her. After some discussion between Lady Cora and the Dowager Countess about the dress, the Dowager Countess asks after Sir Anthony and Edith tells her he's so excited: "Just when he thought his life would never change, he's going right back to the beginning." The Dowager Countess remarks what an invigorating prospect that is and since Edith's back is turned, Lady Cora drops the smile and glares. Hee.

Downstairs, Thomas is walking ahead of O'Brien and Alfred as he informs them that he's hidden a couple spare shirts away, so they might as well not bother again; they're both like, who... us? Whoever Ashton Kutcher's ancestor in this time is should know about the punking war going on below stairs here. Anna looks like she's heading out and Mrs. Hughes checks in with her about the flowers; once Anna's gone, Mrs. Patmore appears and asks if there's any word from the doctor. The answer is negative, but as it happens, Carson overhears their ensuing conversation and I'd wonder about the lack of discretion, but it's got to be exhausting checking around every corner for eavesdroppers and Mrs. Hughes is tired enough as it is.

Upstairs, Thomas wastes no time escalating the feud, as with a sunny smile he buttonholes the hapless Molesley, recalling that he mentioned the daughter of a friend who is looking for a position as a lady's maid. Molesley complains that such slots are really hard to come by, but Thomas is like, hey, you're in luck, I've got some great news on that front that I'll just whisper in your ear because O'Brien doesn't want it known yet! Of course, you'd have to be an idiot not to notice just how Arctic the relationship between Thomas and O'Brien is at the moment, which is to say that Thomas has chosen the purveyor of this false rumor very wisely.

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