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World War Three (2)

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World War Three (2)

Oh! Fucking Hex is coming to BBC America! Watch it! It's a trainwreck! Trust me, you'll thank me. Everybody I know is now obsessed with it. I love it so, so much. I've seen every episode of both series, like, ten times. I could quote entire scenes. It's like Buffy, crossed with 24/7, crossed with any two volumes of the Diaries Of Anaïs Nin, all picked off the shelf while blindfolded and cut into pieces at random and tossed into the air. All the various main characters throughout are amazing; Jemima Rooper's a fucking revelation, Amber Sainsbury is what Charisma Carpenter isn't smart enough to wish she was, and Katrine De Candole from Casanova -- which cast includes someone we might be meeting a bit later -- is my TV girlfriend. That show is my crack. It makes this show look like the plots were factory-tested waterproof, and I'm not joking that I love it -- it's just not that kind of show, the kind that makes a whole lot of sense, or that you'd bother explaining to anybody who came in in the middle, or that you would recommend to your most bookish friends, or anything like that. But it is the kind of show that is AWESOME.

Anyway. Harriet wonders if they didn't hit Big Ben to get the experts together for slaughter, but the Doctor says "that lot" would have gathered "for a weather balloon," and I guess so. How much fun can a bunch of experts in something that doesn't exist actually have, most of the time? Rose offers a line of reasoning: "The Slitheen were hiding. And then they put the entire planet on red alert." And Jackie, ever-supportive, makes fun of her for trying. Rose tells her to go to hell, but Jackie brings up something of an interesting point: "Since that man walked into our lives, I have been attacked in the streets, I have had creatures from the pits of hell in my own living room, and my daughter's disappeared off the face of the Earth." And Rose has to remind her that the last one, at least, got "explained" last week, but Jackie's not having it: "I'm talking to him." She goes off on the same stuff Mickey was saying before, as Mickey and the Doctor are feeling more and more anxious and awkward on either end of this conversation. Jackie rants: "Because I've seen this life of yours, Doctor. And maybe you get off on it, and maybe you think it's all clever and smart, but you tell my daughter safe?" Rose protests that she's fine, and Jackie asks if the Doctor can promise that she really will stay that way. Rose and the Doctor look at each other for a while, and Jackie repeats the question.

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