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World War Three (2)

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World War Three (2)

Harriet complains that it would be easier if they knew the Slitheen's plans, and then cracks a joke about how she's just throwing around terms like "Slitheen" all of a sudden. The Doctor summarizes: it's just one family, so it's not really an "invasion." They're not looking to create "Slitheen World." They're out to make money. Harriet figures that means assets: gold, oil, water. The Doctor compliments her: "You're very good at this." She blushes, and he wonders again why her name is so familiar. Rose's cell goes off, and Harriet asks a very excellent question, to which Rose responds about how the Doctor zapped it. "Super-phone!" Harriet says that they must be able to use it to call out for help, since he's got all these contacts, and he reminds her that, while his Rolodex is quite full, all his contacts are now dead downstairs, as she said. Rose sees it's a message from Mickey, and the Doctor orders her to tell her "stupid boyfriend" that they're busy. She shows him the phone -- "Yeah, he's not so stupid after all" -- and we see that Mickey's sent her the picture of the Slitheen in Jackie's kitchen.

Mickey and Jackie enter Mickey's bedroom, Mickey acting all stealth and checking corners, and he tries to explain to Rose, "No, not just alien, but like, proper alien, all stinking and wet and disgusting. And more to the point, it wanted to kill us!" Jackie, again: "I could've died!" Can't blame her for being stuck on that, I guess. Mickey waves her away. "Is she all right, though?" Rose asks. "Don't put her on, just tell me." I love Rose. The Doctor grabs the phone from her: "Is that Rickey? Don't talk, just shut up and go to your computer." Mickey reminds him, again, of his actual name, and asks why he should. "Mickey the Idiot." He says that he'll choke before finishing the sentence, but admits that he needs Mickey. Rose just smiles.

Mickey and the Doctor talk while Mickey navigates the UNIT site. Things are about to get kind of dumb, but it's okay. The Doctor tells him to enter the password "Buffalo," and Jackie knocks around with some tea and confusion about what's going on. "All the secret information known to mankind," Mickey tells her. "See, they've known about aliens for years, they just kept us in the dark." The Doctor, who's got Mickey on speakerphone, thus has his hands free for a little middle finger: "Mickey, you were born in the dark." Rose is like, "Give it a rest already," and Mickey thanks her sweetly. Some fun, intense 24 music plays here.

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