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World War Three (2)

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World War Three (2)

The Doctor pulls Indra's body out of the way in the Cabinet Room, asking Harriet his name. "I don't know! I talked to him. I brought him a cup of coffee. I never asked his name..." The Doctor crosses the Under-Secretary's hands over his chest, and sees him off: "Sorry." Back in the main room, the Doctor asks Rose if there are any computer terminals or things they can use to communicate. Rose asks for and receives exposition regarding how the original PM -- whose dead body is still in there as well -- wasn't used as a skin suit because he was too skinny. "The Slitheen are about eight feet; how do they squeeze inside?" Excellent question, Rose. It's the belt-buckle-looking thing around their necks that creates a "compression field," which shrinks them down to the size of an average American and causes the farting somehow. "Wish I had a compression field; I could fit a size smaller," mumbles Rose, and it's not so much this particular line as the jocular, chatty way in which Rose and the Doctor are knocking about the room disregarding the corpses that upsets Harriet so. Rose apologizes, and points to the Doctor: "You get used to this stuff when you're friends with him." Harriet calls this a "strange friendship." Indeed.

The Doctor, sonic-screwdrivering around on a far wall, says the MP's name a few times, as though he's got something on the tip of his tongue: "Harriet're not famous for anything, are you?" She laughs grimly, and he keeps trying to remember. Harriet: "Lifelong back bencher I'm afraid, and a fat lot of use I'm being now. The protocols are redundant, they list the people who can help -- and they're all dead downstairs." See, Harriet? Your jokes are even funnier than Rose's. Don't knock the gallows shit 'til you try it. Rose asks if the Protocols maybe contain, "like, defense codes and things?" She hopes to launch a nuclear bomb. Harriet stares at her: "You're a very violent young woman." But Rose protests, "I'm serious! We could!" Harriet says that "there's nothing like that in here," and for a second I thought she was referring to 10 Downing Street and not the Protocols, like she was saying, "No launching H-Bombs at the dinner table. Show some breeding." She explains the dubious concept that the UK nuke codes are "kept secret by the United Nations." The Doctor gets very interested and starts grilling her. Harriet: "Well, the British Isles can't gain access to atomic weapons without a special resolution from the UN." I don't know what she's talking about. Rose: "Like that's ever stopped them." I don't know what she's talking about either. Harriet says that she voted against whatever Rose is referring to, and says that "the codes have been taken out of the governments' hands and given to the UN." I don't know if it's show history or what. Harriet asks whether that's important, and the Doctor meaningfully says, "Everything's important."

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