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World War Three (2)

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World War Three (2)

MI-5 Margaret makes everybody welcome, ushering them into a changing room and hanging up their suits -- skin and regular type -- efficiently as they one by one "get changed," and directing them down the hall. This kind of absurdity I don't mind, for some reason. The "I'm the hostess" attitude is so hilarious. They're all very cordial with her and with each other, even as they're disposing of their various skins stripped from government officials.

Mickey, who has taken Jackie to his house, starts to make her some tea. "Have you got anything stronger?" she asks, because: word? He tells her no way: "I've seen you when you've had a few -- this ain't time for a conga." She sits down, too wigged to argue: "We've gotta tell someone." Mickey points out that, from this point on, anybody could have "big bog monsters inside" them, and then flourishes some mugs around in the air. "This is what he does, Jacks! Everywhere he goes, death and destruction -- and he's got Rose in the middle of it!" Jackie wonders if the Doctor's got "a great big green thing inside him," and Mickey's like, "That would be so him." His accent is so "Fix Up Look Sharp," especially in this episode. It's like getting flicked in the knuckles over and over and over again. Not hard, but firmly. "But," he reckons, "he's the only person who knows how to fight these things." Jackie bursts into tears, now, suddenly in shock from the attack, and Mickey gives her a quick hug. "I thought I was gonna die," she says. He brusquely calms her down and reminds her that nobody's going to be looking for her at Mickey's -- "especially" since she spent the last year trying to get him into jail for killing Rose. "You saved my life," she says. "God, that's embarrassing." That's...almost the opposite of an apology, but thanks for playing. They kind of laugh, and Jackie gets scared again, because the alien policemen are still out there, wanting her dead. Outside, the Slitheen in question sniffs, and then sends the others off: "I haven't quite finished with Mrs. Tyler yet..."

Joseph approaches Margaret, where she's adjusting all the hung-up skin suits -- she reassures him that's everyone, except for "Sitt Fel Fotch," who's "found a hunt of his own" in Jackie Tyler. They grin at each other about that. Phones are still ringing at 10 Downing Street. I don't know why that detail sticks out -- it's like, something about how the whole world doesn't know it's ending yet, just suspects. Little details. I know there were hella issues with the directing, particularly -- allegedly, this bit -- that Eccleston's love of writers and their craft was at odds with the liberties taken with the script, which...shall I imagine a script with no farting? I like Russell Davies all right, but I'm not going that far. In any case, there are little details all through that ground it considerably, and I appreciate that. Even if I don't really understand a person who wouldn't lay down their life, guts, nards, and powers of speech to make Eccleston happy, because to me that means you might be broken irreparably. Like, within. Was this the last episode this director did? Not a bad sendoff, all things considered. He certainly hits the full-season arc stuff, what little I know about.

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